Travel.. Anyone US citizen been too

  1. Cuba? What documents did you have to have ?

    Anyone with dual citizenship... what happens then?
  2. I've heard if your american you can ask them to stamp a piece of paper you put in your Passport, however am not up to taking the chance myself. Would love to visit Cuba, but the risk of getting caught would deter me.
  3. You can only go to Cuba for certain things if you are an American. You just can't go there.
  4. ^^ for a vacation ?
  5. Im not an american myself, but I do have a few american friends that have been on holiday and what I understood from them is that they had to fly in from Canada, and they werent really put off by it, so im assuming it wasnt a big deal. But then again im not an american so I really dont know and I havent been myself.
  6. ^^ thanks, that wont be an issue as i'm in canada.

    I'm still waiting to hear where i'm supposed to apply for a canada passport or a US one. Once I know what time citizenship is here in Canada.
  7. It's totally prohibited to "vacation" in Cuba if you're an American. There are sneaky ways to get around it, but I'd never want to be caught.
  8. ^^ thank you, well i guess I better hope I qualify for a canadian passport then.
  9. Really??? I never knew that. I know of friends of friends here in Australia that went to Cuba and absolutely loved it.
  10. Yup. Part of America's total embargo against Cuba. I believe even having Cuban Cigars here is illegal, although there are ways to obtain them.
  11. So how did that Michael Moore person get away with making a movie about taking US citizens to Cuba?? Is it something the US actually prosecutes for??
  12. You can apply for citizenship 3 years after becoming a permanent resident. You can apply for a passport as soon as you become a citizen, you could even get a rush one (less than 24 hours) if you have proof of travel (airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc.)\

    here's the citizenship application website:

    I'm actually going to Cuba next week, but as a Canadian citizen I have no problems... ;)
  13. Well see paper was left hanging when I cam here at 3 months old.
    I have no clue if i'm a canadian citizen and or american. So i have to wait to complete this search to see what I am and go from there.

    I had immigration call today telling me I need an american passport before they can give me a permanent res card.. (rolls eyes) which doesnt make sense because I beleive I have dual citizenship, both canadian and US.
  14. Currently, in order to go down legally if you are a US citizen you need a Treasury license, which you obtain from OFAC, Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. If you are Cuban-American or married to one, you can go down once every 3 years under a "general license" for humanitarian reasons (grave illness in the family, etc) and you only need to notify them via a form, but you do not need to get a license from them before leaving. If you are a "U.S. and foreign government official traveling on official business, including a representative of international organizations of which the U.S. is a member; or a journalist regularly employed by a news reporting organization," you also qualify for this "general license." Otherwise you need to get a license from OFAC to avoid being at risk for large fines ($3,000 to $10,000 typically!).