Trasporto Corriere??

  1. Where can I order one?? Thanks!!:tup:
  2. hawaii or guam
  3. Really??? So sad:sad:
  4. I would try calling LeSportSac's 800 number just in case you can order it over the phone.
  5. I saw a pic of somones today...It is really cute. I think I am going to get one instead of a Stellina. I really wanna Citta Rosa though!!
  6. Yes, my Trasporto Corriere is from Hawaii. It's beautiful though!:love: Even the material feels different from my Trasporto Campeggio and Ciao I bought from The Corriere fabric feels more silky like the Playground prints were, while my Campeggio and Ciao have a rougher texture to them. I found that kind of curious the material having different textures with the same print.
  7. I want one too, but my only toki access is eBay and shoptokidoki and there have been none. I need it for my collection for sure :crybaby: