Trapeze Question

  1. Hi. So I was at my local LV yesterday picking up some things. I decided to use my gray Trapeze GM yesterday because it match my outfit.:P Anyways, my SA saw my bag and she asked me why I didn't hand the LV lock on it. I gave her a look that resembles this :huh: . I told her that I never got one and thought that it didn't come with one. She told me that it was suppose to come with it and she took a set out and put it on my bag on the spot.

    So ladies, was the Trapeze suppose to come with a lock? TIA:flowers:
  2. Where did she attach the lock?
  3. I was hoping that you would reply Irene. :heart: There is a tab on each side of the bag, both with a hole in it, and she attached it on one of them. I'm still really confused because I've never seen a lock attached to a Trapeze before, but the SA there swear that it's suppose to come with the bag.
  4. how cool.
  5. i dont know. but im sure u'll get an answer really soon. ;)
  6. I just looked the bag up and see what you mean about the tab with the hole in it!!! I never even noticed it before!!! Good for SA to notice and give you the lock and keys at no charge!
  7. Thanks ladies. I hope that I'm not going to be the only one carrying around my Trapeze with a lock.:shame:

    Irene: Thanks for helping me look up the bag!
  8. That's so cool... LOVE the face that you made.... I can totally imagine... I don't live near a boutique, but decided to purchase my first bag through the one in Scottsdale, called and SA was so darn nice. He actually got me the price before the increase when the increase was already in effect. That rocks that she noticed and gave you the lock. I LOVE LV!
  9. Wow, nice SA Veronika. I can't believe that he was able to sell you your bag with the old price. Congrats!
  10. Love Them All, sorry for the late post.. I rarely in LV thread, I spent most of my PF time on Balenciaga thread.. but I just read your post re. Trapeze. I have Trapeze GM in grey, but when I bought it, it doesn't come with the lock. Should I stop by the boutique and ask for one? I notice there's a hole at the end of the bag for this lock.. but I never think of getting one, since I rarely lock my bag..
  11. Hi cutiekiara. I'm still confused by the lock for my Trapeze :shame: and it's been close to a month since my SA gave me a lock. I've stared at my Trapeze thinking if it's suppose to have a lock because it has the holes on the tabs, but it doesn't have a place to lock to. :huh: But my SA says that it's suppose to have one, so I'll take her word for it. Just to be sure, I think you should call your SA or 866-VUITTON and ask if it's suppose to have a lock and key. If they say yes then you should definitely go pick up the lock. Let me know if I can help.:flowers:
  12. The trapeze wasn't suppose to come with a lock (unless Eluxury screwed up again and didnt give me one!!), mine's didn't and none of the ones I've seen on ebay has it.

    That was so sweet of your SA to give you one! Big thumbs up for her
  13. That's what I thought too Jen. I was so confused, but my SA and some of her co-workers are convinced that it has one...
  14. How nice of her to give you a lock and keys like that!
  15. Now this is the kind of SA story you WANT to hear!!!! I'm glad you got such good service!