"Traditional" Viennese Shopping

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  1. I am interested in what to purchase and where to purchase items that are more traditionally found in Vienna rather than the high end shops I can find in the US. An no, I don't mean I need to come back in traditional clothing, but you get my drift ;) I'll be there a week before Christmas so I hope to get lots of my shopping done there. TIA.
  2. Hmm.. I can't think of much. The first thing that comes to mind is Mozart Kugeln and Sacher Torte but beyond that, I'm thinking Lobmeyr glas. Also, don't dismiss Loden clothing. You can find stylish rocks of great quality. I want one myself right now.
  3. I second the Lobmeyr glasses. Especially the Alpha series as well as the candy dishes.

    Augarten Porcelain, Ludwig Reiter shoes, Rozet & Fischmeister or Jarosinski & Vaugoin silverware.

    If you like traditional fashion then definitely Tostmann Trachten, or Caleo Cashmere for timeless knitwear.

    All of these shops and many more sell online on BOULESSE.COM too and we're offering free worldwide shipping for the Christmas season. You can also find Leopold Museum catalogues and Belvedere souvenirs. All coming directly from those stores.
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