Trader Joe's wines, help please!

  1. My friend is coming up from NC next week and has offered to bring me a case of Trader Joe wines (since only the Trader Joe in Manhattan carries the wine and I can't get to that one easily). I have had the merlot and the cab and enjoyed them. What other reds do they have that someone would suggest? Is their zinfandel good?

    I thought I would get mainly cab and merlot but would like to throw some other reds into the case. Thanks
  2. The Charles Shaw (affectionately known as 2 Buck Chuck) 2006 Shiraz, $2.00, was rated as a very good wine for the money by the San Francisco Chronicle Wine critic, FWIW.
  3. Trader Joe's has wine???
  4. ^^ LOl, yes they do! Do you live in Manhattan? Because if you do, you have the only TJ's in the 5 boroughs that can sell liquor! The one on 14th Street has a separate wine store-you should check it out!
  5. If you like whites - I would highly recommend the French Chat or the Cool Fish Chardonnays. Both are quite buttery and delicious.

    For reds only - They carry some nice Chiantis by D'Aquino and Chateau Neuf Du Pape by Val du le Pierre. Both quite good. And if you're lucky, they might carry some Brunello di Montalcino for about $19 by Poggio Lontano. Ours had them until we bought it out. It hasn't come in since, but that's a heck of a buy.
  6. Personally, I love TJ's Well Red. It's organic and sulfite free.
  7. Two buck Chuck varies greatly from batch to batch with some bottles at an "Okay" level and some at a pure "yuck!" :yucky: I don't recommend a case of it!

  8. I tried that one, I enjoyed that brand.
  9. I LOVE 2 Buck Chuck!! Its my regular drinking wine! LOL! I have about 50 bottles in my basement. Its not expensive and doesnt taste like "toilet wine" (lets go to prison reference).
  10. Nishi what did you end up getting?
    *peeking over computer screen*
  11. I love the Merlot!