Traci's going LV nuts

  1. Hi all! I am starting to think about a spring/summer bag. Yes, already, lol! Well, I'm thinking about getting the Reade PM in Perle. I've only found it on the louisvuitton website though, not on Elux. Has Perle been discontinued? I thought maybe I read something about that. Anyway, what do you all think of the Reade as a summer bag? Is it too small for summer? Do any of you like to "downsize" a little in summertime? Do you make any other bag changes in summer than in winter?
  2. I think this bag is very classic and every mag I see they say that beiges/whites/ivory is in, so this would go so well with any summer outfit! I am personally drooling over the amarante in the reade!
  3. I really like the Reade PM esp in perle! I was wondering if perle had been discontinued but my SA said that was a perm colour.... And about the size i guess you would have to think about your essentials and if they would fit in it, since it is a small bag , I normally use my bigger bags in summer because thats when i start to do some serious shopping so i need a big bag LOL but some times i opt for a pochette because i think some times when it's really hot i really can't be bothered to lug around a big bag so a pochette is alot easier in that sense so i think getting the reade pm would be a really cute summer bag!

  4. Yea, that's how I'm feeling, I think for summer I like to be a little lighter. I wish I could fit everything in a pochette!! LOL!
  5. I think the perle Reade PM is really gorgeous, Traci. It's a perfect summer bag IMO:tup:.
  6. I say go for it. It looks like the perfect summer bag.
  7. Oh, yes I would love one myself!
  8. I heard from my SA that perle is a permanent color for vernis.

    the reade pm is a very cute bag. you can't go wrong with it.
  9. Perle is such a pretty color! Go for it! I like the smaller bags for spring and summer too. I'm going to get the rosewood in perle this summer.
  10. Yes! Love the perle reade, saw one on the plane coming back from Vegas last year, beautiful! I had no idea perle was permanent; I didn't even know LV had permanent vernis colors....
  11. I've always wanted a Reade PM and missed out when the Marshmallow came out. I think the Perle will look cute and perfect for summer.

    As for me, during summer since it's awful hot and humid, I like to use non-leather bags. So my LV Denim's get used a lot!
  12. I usually go with lighter color bag in summer, more of a tote type. In nyc they have all types of street fairs, activites in the city on weekends so a tote is great in case I buy something...
  13. Great summer bag! I'm hoping to downsize into an azur Speedy 25 for summer!
  14. Hmm... I think the Reade PM is a great choice for summer! The only thing that concerns me about Perle is the color transfer. :sweatdrop:
  15. The Reade PM is a great small bag. I have it in Pomme and love it. The Perle is very cute, you should get it.