TPF Newbie and her latest additions..

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  1. Hi everyone..:heart:
    I'm pretty new to the PurseForum and found it through my sister Oulaliscious,a freak over at the Balenciaga Forum..
    Weve both been collecting bags for some time now and I wanted to introduce myself with my newest additions
    a Damier Azur Speedy 30 and the T&B mini modeled by our dog Sashimi!
    So, hi everyone...nice to meet u:shame:

  2. LOVE you dog - thats an adorable pic
    Congrats on your great bags too
  3. Awww...your dog is so cute!!

    What is that fabulous fish charm on your Azur Speedy? It looks amazing!

    Congrats and welcome to tPF!!
  4. woWW congrats!! I love your azur and the soooo cute n matching key charm!..really nice :tup: And ur doggie looks very satisfied with the mini poch.:p
  5. CUte photos. The fishy charm matches so well. Congrats, and welcome to LV addiction.
  6. hi! welcome!
  7. ur dog is the cutest hehe!!! man i miss my pooochhh! :sad:

    ok but i MUST know where u got that fishy froM!>!>! it is SO DANG CUTE!!!! wow i never thought id love a fish so much!
  8. ARGHHH forget the bags, we have the same dog!! :nuts: Sorry, these dogs are so rare over here so I go berserk when I see another :p

    Great purchases though, where did you get that fish charm? I really want one! :love:
  9. Cute bag on an adorable dog!
    Yes, we must know where the fish charm is from!
  10. Welcome to tpf!!!
    I love that cute fish charm. :biggrin: And my pomeranian looks like your dog's long lost tiny brother ;) Thanks for sharing pics!
  11. Hello from one newbie to another! Azur is my fave...Love your dog, he/she is so adorable and sports lv well!
  12. welcome to tPF! love your new bags and your dog!! and the fish charm is very cute too. congrats!
  13. Hey!thanks for appriciating my dog i love her too :smile: is yours a japanese spitz too TFFC? i adore them so much....
    bought the fish in a little italian boutique and as i knew that i wouldn't be able to resist buying the damier azur i just had to buy it :biggrin:
  14. welcome to the club!
    cute dog btw:yes:!!!
  15. Welcome to the purse forum, And congratulations.