TPF MEETING in Charlotte, NC Southpark Mall!

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  1. I will be in the Charlotte area during the end of May. Another member, Kallison, and I are going to be getting together for a fun filled weekend of shopping, eating and drinking! LOL! (I'm letting her drink so I can laugh at her!) Anyway, on May 19th we are planning on dinner, a movie and cocktails. On May 20th we're going to meet at the Southpark Mall in Charlotte to shop our tails off! We thought we'd send out an invitation to all who'd like to join us for a great time of PF bonding! Post here if you're interested and we'll see how much trouble we can get into!!
    :graucho: :yahoo: :wlae:
  2. (psst. it's the 18th and 19th)

    wait...i didn't agree to letting you laugh at me while i'm drunk!
  3. I can't even get the dates right.... you do NOT want to see me drunk! If you get drunk enough, you'll never know I laughed at you!


    (I got the place right though!)
  4. as long as someone drives me back to my hotel, i'm totally willing to get wasted for your amusement! lol.
  5. Oh I want to come:nuts: I obviously don't live anywhere near you, but that would be so fun and I still have FF miles & free hotel nights for various places from my working days.... Are all invited?
  6. :sneaky: I'll try to come---my last attempt at joining a tPF group at SouthPark didn't work out. I'll leave the trouble-making to you youngin's, tho. I'm one of the PF grannies and the only trouble I get into these days is buying too many bags.
  7. of course everyone is invited!
  8. you HAVE to come! seriously.

    i'll get drunk enough for everybody's amusement, lol.
  9. Robynbenz: Didn't you go to the MOA meeting? Isn't that hilarious that we couldn't meet up in Minnesota but might actually meet in North Carolina? Seriously, that'd be awesome!! LOL!

    boxermom: no worries, granny types are welcome too! I can't get into much trouble! I'm just going to encourage Katherine for my own amusement! LOL!
  10. buy me drinks and we'll have fun!

    geez...i'm starting to sound like an alcoholic.
  11. LOL! Poor Kallison! Actually, the fun part will be hitting up Hermes and Louis Vuitton on Saturday! That's what I'm looking forward too!! :graucho:
  12. i'm already trying to figure out which cc's i can max out at lv. :graucho:
  13. Well, if you are drinking, have a toast for me since the 17th is my birthday!
  14. Have a blast, ladies!! We are going to need to see some pics!!
  15. Where are you guys staying? The closest hotel, the Doubletree, only has smoking rooms or 2 BR suites left. I booked a room at the Hampton Inn at Phillips Place about 2 blocks away.

    Katherine, you get a post-birthday drink on me!

    tlloveshim, thank you! I'll be the designated whatever (and bring my camera).
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