tPF is getting more juice

  1. Just a quick heads up for everyone:

    Tomorrow, March 28th, during the morning/noon hours EST, tPF will be down for maintenance.

    In order to cope with the high loads during peak times, we'll be installing additional hardware, which will require the board to be shut down for a few hours.

    Sorry for the downtime, I hope you all will make it through the day ok. :p
  2. In the...morning...?:cry: tPF is what gets my day started, what am I going to do? hehe. It's good to hear that tPF is getting additional hardware.:yes:
  3. What time in the morning will this start? I get stir crazy whenever TPF shuts down for maintenance.:choochoo:
  4. I know. Any way we can reschedule this to 3am-ish?


    Kidding! Thanks for making things better.
  5. oh jesus vlad. i might actually end up getting work done.
  6. It's ok. I have a day job. :yes:

    adding: thanks Vlad!!
  7. SNIFF....My hands are starting to shake in withdrawal...LMAO..

    Thanks Vlad!!
  8. Thanks Vlad, I hope I will cope :smile:
  9. mmm juicy!

    I'm actually having to work at work these days, so...
  10. Thanks Vlad, hooray for more juice!

  11. LOL!!!!! I know me too!!! We can't have that!!!:p

    Well thanks for making room for all of;)
  12. LOL!

    What am I going to browse while pretending to do work? :push:
  13. Thanks Vlad, I guess I'll plan something with my friends tomorrow morning.:idea:

  14. OMG!! I know! :wtf: Its going to be a looooonngggggg morning :sad:

    Thanks Vlad!! :smile:
  15. Gosh, I don't know what I'll do without PF for a few hours.

    It'll be so worth it, tho! Thanks, Vlad!!:yahoo: