tPF is a secret SOCIETY?!?!

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  1. So, I was with my SO yesterday, doing some shopping. I dont know what brought it up, but I was talking about the tPF keychains and how "I look for them when Im shopping" then he says back to me, "You guys are like a secret society" LMFAO:roflmfao:! I thought that was so funny, so I thought I would share!
  2. ok I don't mind rolling up my left trouser leg but I'm definately not bearing my right breast (urban ledgend concerning the Free Masons, (secret society))

    I think I'll just flash me TPF Key Chain at ya!

  3. When I read the title of your thread I had this scene from Selma Blair from the movie "Cruel intentions" in mind :lol:.

    She's in a room with sarah Michelle Geller and she just explained what Ryan Philippe did to her. And then she's singing " secret society secret society:roflmfao:
  4. MAFIA!!!

  5. lol!! I don't have a keychain though:sad: We need more of those in production!
  6. Da...I'll be in your area Dec. 12 - Dec. 16th. Look for my and my chain if you're around the Bellagio area, okay? :smile: I'll probably be around the shopping area, for sure.
  7. Ha ha, I find that very humorous! Thanks for sharing!
  8. ME tooo lol!!!! i love that movie.

    Cathrine: Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it.
    Cecil: So its like a secret society?
    Cathrine: Yes like a secret society :rolleyes:
    Cecil: Secret society, secret society, secret society....
    Cathrine: F*cking idiot
  9. Very cute <does secret handshake> LOL.
  10. It's the purse mafia
  11. Heyyy Pursegrrl, I think you've hit upon something here. Not everyone has tPF chains, but maybe we could do something while we're out and about shopping that would signify that we're a member.

    Of course we can't go up and shake every woman's hand, but that gave me the idea that we could do *something. Maybe a way to cross one finger across the handle of our purses?? Ideas?
  12. ;)^^^lol-
  13. LMBO! We could loudly do a very elaborate 5-part rehersed handshake, only not with a real human but instead our own purses. To everyone around us we will look crazy, but not to that one tPF member walking by who witnesses it, instantly recognizing her as a purse mafia sister. But we must never ever say anything as secret society members, maybe just a smile and wink (as we see the tPF member being dragged out of the store by mall security or such). LMBO!
  14. When I go to Denver and am out shopping, I am always looking! I live in no where Nebraska so I don't get the excitement of possibly bumping into a fellow tPF'er, but I know that the chances are probably greater in "the big city"!

    Who knows...
  15. Lol!!!

    We've talked about it before & I think the conclusion was if you suspect someone of being a tpfer you ask them if they are a friends of vlad & megs *wink* (wink not required lol)