Tpf Charm.... + Coach

  1. So my your forum charm attached to your coach bag...
  2. Do you mean the one that was especially made for TPF?
  3. Yes!! :yes:
  4. :nogood: I actually passed that up can ya believe it?!
  5. i know i want one of those too!!!
  6. They should make those again for those of us that came here after
  7. NO! i cant believe it.
  8. what are you guys talking about? Is there a pic? :confused1:
  9. What in the world are you talking about????
  10. post pic please!!
  11. here it is on my lv
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I haven't heard of the Tpf charm either. :shrugs:
    I wish I had one.:yes:

  14. Yes, I used to...but now I have it on my keys...I think I'll put it back on the outside though, so tPFers can spot I love that keychain it's really pretty.
  15. :smile: Yeah you never know where you'll run into another member