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  1. ooohhh! Your pugs are SO cute!! :biggrin:
  2. Ohhhh your fur babies are just gorgeous. Your new lady is very sweet and your black pug is adorable guy, look at his loving eyes!

    Wow you are doing incredibly well with weight loss. Lol to Chocolate Degustation, a gals gotta have some treats right? Im trying to stay on track also. My aim is 10kg or so in about a year.
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    Ladies, four pairs of shoes later....... I HAVE A WEDDING DRESS!!!!! :yahoo:

    I went alone because it was only meant to be an initial "what style suited me best" shop but I ended up buying my dress there and then!! I can't believe it! I guess I've been looking at the Pronovias website almost every week since I got engaged lol!

    My first choice was discontinued as the 2013 gowns are now in, so that did put a damper on the day a little... I tried on about 8 dresses and narrowed it down to 2! The winning factor was comfort! hehehe And, I thought... heck, it's (hopefully) the only time I can get away with wearing a ridiculous white gown and not feel out of place!!!

    A few pictures... :smile:


    This is with this pearl beaded sash,


    I still need to pick a veil and I will do that when I bring everyone in to have another look at the dress! Aaaaah, so surreal!! :biggrin:
  4. This was the other dress..... it was so tight (without it being zipped) I felt like a sausage!!!!! I'm amazed she squeezed me into that thing!!! :amazed: Gotta love double layering spanx!! hahaahha


    Love everything except the fit and flare inside... here's a better photo....


    It's form fitting all the way to the knees, made me feel a little claustrophobic!!
    I asked if it can be let out to a sheath, she said they won't do it... and I'd have to take a huge risk, order it big enough for it to be altered to a sheath... if it doesn't work out I'm effed.... :cry:
  5. Lisa you look absolutely stunning :flowers:

    I love it with and without the sash, although leaning towards being Pro-Sash, really defines your waist.
  6. Definitely the first dress, with the sash! Stunning!!
  7. Awww cookie your Pugs are gorgeous, look at their smooshy little faces....just love them.

    Wowsers Lisa, you are stunning, just love the dress with the sash on, I agree with Cookie it really defines your waist. The top really sits well on your boobs too, it's like the dress was just made for you.
  8. Awww... Thank you ladies!! You are all too kind :kiss:

    Loki, the top bit was pinned back to death to fit like that hahah! This sample gown was a size 8!!!!!! They have extra panels for the back and they pin you in!

    It kinda irks me that their samples are so small! There were a few sheath dresses I would've loved to see on but they were sooo tiny! There was a plus size lady trying on dresses next to my fitting room, and the largest plus size sample they had was an 18... when their sizing goes all the way to 30 I think? She was struggling to fit into anything to try them on and got so frustrated, I felt so bad for her!!
  9. Ooooh! How exciting!!! And so soon too! :heart:
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  11. Hello all!!

    I'm 10 days away from having baby number 2. No scares since last time.

    Lisa - gorgeous dress the first one. I had a pronovias gown too!!! I struggled with the samples too.. Anyway , my gamble paid off cause I lost alot of weight in the lead up to my wedding.

    Good luck with everything else.

    Ps those pugs are adorable!
  12. Congratulations and good luck with baby no. 2 StylishFarmer you must be so excited and relieved.

    Lisa have you decided on colours for your Bridesmaids yet?
  13. Thank you! I looooove Pronovias!! All their gowns are so beautiful and well made! And yes, it jumped me right into my health kick! Which one did you wear?

    Good luck with the bubba and keep us posted!!!!
  14. Loki, not yet! We did pick something but they no longer stock them :sad: We have wedding colours so we will go shopping when one of them is back in town in a couple of months!

    I have bought them all a set of pearl dangly earrings and pendant, and also their hair pieces!

    This is mine! :smile:

    I'm not too picky in terms of how they want to style themselves? They have have whatever hair style they want and have their make up however they want! They're not too crazy with these things to start with anyway, so I'm not worried lol.