TP15 or Mini Pochette?

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  1. Which one would you go for? I like both (given I haven't seen a mini pochette in person, yet) and want something as a catch-all so I can throw in my cards/cash/keys. I had a TP15 (but it had issues, made a thread a while back about it) and let it go. Now my SA has a mini pochette and set it aside for me to go in and look at. In this case, what would you do? Get the pochette or wait for another TP15? What are your experiences with either? A little background on me, I'm a guy and my style is more modern (so the issue of how feminine a piece might be percieved as isn't an issue), plus my biggest thing was that the SLG had to fit in the Palm Springs Mini.
  2. I love the toiletry 15 better only because of the chain on the mini pochette. It bothered me so I sent it back. I was kinda bummed because I thought the mini was just so cute.
  3. I'd go in and see it in person. The chain is removable from the mini if you don't like it. I have both, and currently, I'm liking the simplicity of the T15, but I also like my minis (I have all three prints) and wouldn't give them up.
  4. I have both. I don't think you could go wrong with either (I know I'm not helping), but the TP15 does fit just a bit more and is a little wider in width. I find myself using my TP15 far more than my mini pochette. In fact, I really only use my mini pochette when I carry my Pochette Metis because the TP15 is a little too structure to fit comfortably in the PM.

    Also, TP is great if you carry liquids or lotions.
  5. End up with 2 mini PAs for the reasons below:

    1. Cheaper
    2. More versatile; about the same size but can be used has a chic clutch; also is a great gift to anyone
    3. Ages better; I've seen some second hand TP 15 and the lining are all cracking and coming off and that's a pretty scary sight
  6. this is big concern for me. i know girls are more so worryabout the mini pochette lining. but i don't use makeup or anything of that sorts. so i'm not stressed about getting the lining ruined or spills
  7. I have both and prefer the TP 15. It has more space, IMO. With that being said, I prefer the Mini Pochette in my PSM. Only because the TP 15 gets wider at the bottom and takes up more space in it and space is limited in the PSM. But in my other bags, I prefer using the TP 15, it’s just easier for me to dig around in it and get things out.

    Here is my Mini Pochette (second from the right) with everything I carry in my PSM:

  8. I much prefer the TP15. Sold my mini pochette and have no regrets. It’s cute, but the chain was a nuisance, always in the way. Plus the noise it made against the canvas drove me crazy.
  9. i ended up getting the mini pochette, kind of love of versatile it is and how i can wear it multiple ways (i really love the idea of being able to clip it through belt loop and have it hang). plus, the pochette fits into jeans pockets and other pockets comfortably compared to the tp15. i'm genuinely happy with my decision!
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  10. I have the pochette and love it. I slip one end of the chain through the little slot on the side, so it actually stays inside the case on the bottom. It is a catch all for me for my key fob, Tylenol, lipstick, gloss, eye drops and mirror. I love the slimness of it. I too, was undecided on which to purchase and had both out on the store. I’ve had it about 3 years and I love the pochette, but am sure for my purposes, the 15 would have worked as well. I have seen some older 15’s with the peeled lining, as other posters have mentioned. Not a pretty sight.
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