TOUS, anyone?

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  1. I have one tous bracelet and have had it for years. I LOVE it! Can the little bear be any cuter?!
  2. Bumping up this thread by posting pictures of my TOUS pieces! I just love the brand and have really become a big fan in the past 9 months! Even though I'm in my early 40s, I'm just drawn to the bear which I find super cute. I love their silver and 18K gold pieces and find them super comfortable. So here are my pics :biggrin:

    1st piece - an awesome freshwater pearl stretch bracelet with a silver TOUS bear

    Other bracelets - stainless steel with pearl and 18K gold bear, stainless steel with 18K gold bears, stainless steel (plain) and silver Sweet Dolls bracelet

    Earrings - 18K gold bears, sapphire in silver, marcasite in silver

    Ring - stainless steel mesh and 18K gold bear. Love how soft this stainless steel mesh is and so comfortable to wear!

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  3. Necklaces, chains and pendants - Silver bear with a pearl, 18K gold necklace, silueta pendant with a pearl, marcasite pendant on a TOUS chain, a silver hold pendant which is a flexi pendant that can be opened at the top where another pendant can be attached to it! Such a versatile piece


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  4. Love your picks/collection @SmokieDragon !!! I just discovered Tous myself in the last year. I think it's popular in certain countries - I see tourists in NYC with their bags but never locals. All their accessories are just too cute, and I love the bear logo.

    I bought my mom a silver bracelet from them and it's very pretty and quality, but sp delicate. I've been eyeing these necklaces for myself!

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  5. Yay!! Glad to have discovered a fellow TOUS fan who loves LC too! :biggrin: My sister recently bought the pendant in your second picture :biggrin: That pearl necklace is too cute with the bear :biggrin:
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  6. Hehehe hopefully more people will join us :graucho: Ooh, does she like the pendant? I'm looking for a silver statement pendant but I'm worried this might be a little small!
  7. Love seeing all your collections :drool: TOUS bears are just tooooo cute. I discovered them 10+ years ago when on holidays in Spain and became a big fan. (I even have the alarm clock! :biggrin:) But then we moved from London to Bangkok a few years ago and they don’t have a shop here :crybaby: so I haven’t been buying those bears for a while now. How I miss them! :sad:

    This is the one that started it all - from 2005!
    And here’s the alarm clock! :P
  8. Oh wow! Is that a bag? :biggrin: Too cute! :biggrin: Wow, an alarm clock! That's amazing! BTW, if you come to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday, we have 2 main shops here - in Pavilion which is one of the major shopping malls in the city centre and country and another in IOI City Mall which is about 40km from the Kuala Lumpur city centre
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  9. She just bought the pendant about 2 weeks ago so let me ask her if she's started wearing it yet. I can see from the website that there are 3 sizes and she bought the mid-sized one which is 1-inch tall (2.5cm). She's petite.

    Big-sized one: 3.5cm / 1.4" tall
    Medium-sized one: 2.5cm / 1" tall
    Small-sized one: 1.2cm / 0.5" tall
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  10. Yep it is a small tote. Thanks for the suggestion. Must plan a quick trip to KL! :happydance:
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  11. There is another boutique in the KL city centre, in Sogo Shopping Mall but I've never been to that one so can't recommend if it's good but the other 2 are great :biggrin:
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  12. My gold TOUS hold ring and Silueta pendant with a pearl necklace I strung myself

  13. I love the way this looks!! It's very pretty strung that way. I definitely want some pearls from their collection - it looks so cute combined with the bear!

    PS Thank you for linking the 3.5cm pendant in your last post!! I hadn't seen it on the website and it's exactly the size I want. It will be my next purchase :biggrin::hbeat:
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  14. Thanks so much and you're very welcome :biggrin:
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