TOUS, anyone?

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  1. I just added some TOUS bear pendants to a Tiffany bear charm thread and it got me thinking and wondering if anyone here collects Tous pieces? Their quality is excellent! The bears are their signature piece and I wanted to which one I have, but it looks like it has been discontinued. It was a yellow brushed gold flat bear and I purchased a brown and a black leather necklace to were it on. The closure on my each of my necklaces is actually a little bear. It is just darling. Maybe, if I have time tomorrow. I will take some pictures of my pieces, but I was just curious to see if anyone else had any pieces and would be willing to post and share with the rest of us? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've always wanted to go into a TOUS store but always get side track! please post picts if you can!
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    I have a couple of pieces from a few years ago, but I vastly prefer Tiffany compared to them. I have three sterling silver pieces: the mesh ring with the Tous bear on it, the cruise bear on hoops earrings and a cruise bear pendant.

    I attached an older pic of me wearing the cruise bear pendant. The matching hoop earrings have the same bear dangling from them.

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    I bought the Tiffany somerset ring in the mesh with diamonds, but it was really stiff and sharp, so I returned it. The Tous mesh ring is much more comfortable. I happened to be wearing the ring one day while shopping at Tiffany's and the Tiffany SA noticed it and even touched it and commented on how well it's made. Unfortunately, I am just not attracted to the Tous designs anymore, but I do agree that the jewelry is high quality.

    I also love the boxes that come with the pieces!!!

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  5. my bf got my a tous braclet for v day yesterday... it's very nice!

    btw is it pronounced as 'tows'?? since it's spanish

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  6. Yes, that's how the SA pronounced (or I like to think of "toes" lol). Happy V-day =)
  7. I've got a pendant just like the one pictured below. I bought it last year when I was in Spain since it was much cheaper there than in the USA. I don't think I'd buy any more designs of theirs, I do like them, but I feel like the one bear is enough for me :smile:

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  8. omg that ring is so nice! I saw it online and it looks more beautiful in person. does it run true to size?
  9. Yes, I believe so! Though it could be a little smaller because it's quite thick. Unfortunately I can't remember what size I got and there is no size on the ring!
  10. I know this is an old thread but i saw it and had to comment. I love love love love love TOUS. I have many things from them (all the original bear) ... from bags to luggage to jewerly. The jewerly does have excellent quality and the prices are not too outragous for sterling silver or silver (compared to Coach which they were asking 80 dollars for something that was just sprayed silver and copper underneath). The brand is not for everyone as the bear is very cutesy, little girl feeling but he is cute and to each their own. They do have other wonderful pieces :smile:
  11. I like their purses more than their jewllery... I have 2 purses, the first one of them bought after I returned a pendant I was given as a gift.
  12. I have been gifted a few pieces, and really like them. One is a bracelet made of teddy bear outlines. The other two pieces are from their Rose collection (a large pendant with chain and earrings in the shape of roses).

    Good quality pieces and I loved how they were packaged.
  13. ME! ME! Im a TOus fan since the year 2000. Have a lot of jewelry for my and my daughters. PLus BAGS!!!!! I got this month there new Rose bag, is wonderfull! I have visited several of their stores in the caribbean, south american and USA and Spain!
  14. But TOUS jewelry is no only about the bear, they have other real beautiul designs, like the tulip, the marigold, and other things not related to the bear. They recently made the launch with Manolo BLahnik for a shoe charm, it comes in 4 different materials, like gold, silver, white gold and diamonds.
  15. Im a big TOUS FAN since 2000. As soon I can post pictures, I will present my TOUS bag collection!
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