TOUS, anyone?

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  1. I've walked by their boutique a couple of times and their bears are cute, but still not my style.
  2. This is their new bag, I simply love it:
  3. What a cute bag! Do you know where they make their bags? I think the sales person said Spain last time I was in a store.

    I bought the Manolo Blahnik shoe charm in red at Tous last spring. That and one bracelet with the bear on it are the only two pieces I own.
  4. Wow you are beautiful!

    Anyone know why Kohl stopped posting? I really enjoyed her input.

  5. I was looking at the labels of my bag, it doesn't said made in...where. But the company is from Barcelona, Spain. They use high quality bovine leather. They are really well finished. It has a lot of certificates and #. I got two recently, that my son brought me From Madrid. The Rose bag in Red, and another one gorgeous in white (this was a gift from my son) but I dont know the name of the white one.

    I really love my Tous! I was trying to post photo of my bags but they have too many "bytes" and I dont know how to reduce them.
  6. I am starting to collect TOUS now. I am obessed with the brand. I bought one pendant and the quality is amazing. I have a few pieces on hold to pick them up tomorrow, including a perfume. I will have to check their handbags as well. I am in love and i love both their teddy bear and their other jewelery. I am in love with their roses and pearls collection. So pretty... I own pandora, tiffany's and now tous. I can't say that i love one more than the other yet. I have owned tiffany's longer than pandora and I am extremely happy with all of my pieces. But i am excited now to get into TOUS and have more unique pieces, as it is not as well known around here!!!!
  7. Tous bags are all made in Spain :smile: I have many pieces from them in White Gold, Gold, and Silver pieces I must say im a huge fan of their golds.
  8. Bumping the thread to share some Christmas gifts!

    The bracelet I already owned, but the earrings and ring are new.

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  9. I just discovered Tous a few weeks ago just walking around the mall and browsing in the store. Cute bears and jewelry. I was hesitant to buy anything because I thought it was children jewelry because of the bear. But I checked out their website later a decided to buy something. Super cute and whimsical :smile: here is my Whim 18k gold bear on a cord. :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366079056.070421.jpg
  10. I am a fan too :smile: I like their bracelets and pendents. I will post some modelling pics when i can
  11. Hi All,

    I hate to bump a thread, but I wanted to post a pic of my Tous collection.

    I am cleaning house and organizing, so it's a good time to show all.

    Looks like my earrings need some inner polishing (?), will any jeweler or Tous do this?

    Thanks for letting me share!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1412253130.871057.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1412253148.440118.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1412253200.501547.jpg
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    Hi ladies! I'm a big tous fan, their jewelry has an excellent quality - silver or gold! Moreover, tous has an incredible costumer service and jewelry repair. You just bring your item to the store and they ship it to Spain for a repair/modification. I have done this several times and for free!
    Plus, the designs are very pretty.
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