Tough Decision!!! Please help!!!

  1. Ok so today I was telling my mom about PCE and she's like oh we got a coupon in the mail from coach a little while ago! I couldn't believe we actually got one. So I was thinking about getting the signature stripe tote in either brass/khaki/mahogany OR in black/black. I hate making quick decisions, but now I see that PCE ends on Sunday and I don't want it to go to waste. Please help me decide which one to get!!! Thanks! :smile:
  2. what do you wear more of??
  3. i usually wear more black, but i already have a black hamptons leather book tote and some other black bags so i was wondering if i should get a different color.
  4. If you already have black bags, I would choose something in color. The new bronze/brown is very pretty or the gorgeous CRIMSON! That would be my choice. Beautiful for Fall.
  5. the khaki one. i think the carly looks best in that color. it really shows off the classic coach signature fabric. and like you said, you already have black bags. so why get another?
  6. I like go with the brass/khaki/mahogany