Totally MM Mono vs Azur

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  1. I am banned, so this discussion must be very hush hush. :roflmfao:
    But adding to my list of wants aka needs, I was thinking of the Totally MM either in Mono or Azur. Can anyone give me pros/cons of each while I ponder this life/death decision? :thinking:
    Thank you!
  2. Lmao well..
    This is "totally Awesom" :biggrin:
    I say mono Ages better but love being Low Key like Damier Azur :smile:
    I know you take care of your bags and have both prints already :smile: so what do you like more?

    For me i think Azur its like a breath of Fresh Air :biggrin:
  3. Shhh- we must not speak of such things in front of DH!
    I need to cut off my internet connection or something because window shopping ain't helping! I know I love the Azur more but not really the dark patina like how it looks on the Mono. Ugh, these life/death decisions.
  4. I tried on the Azur at the boutique but at the time had my heart set on mono so didn't really pay attention.

    Months later, an acquaintence at the gym was carrying her Azur and I couldn't stop admiring it. The pattern is so pretty in the lighter print and I was surprised at the how much more blue the squares look in person versus in photos, which make them look more grey. I am now pondering the NF GM in Azur when I originally had my heart set on mono.

    Personally, I still prefer the style of the Totally in mono but Azur is really pretty as well.
  5. Well from your collection do u need another mono or Azur?
    I know i actually need another Azur so i dont beat up Galliera lol cause honestly id like to use her alil more then just for being my "Fancy" bag KWIM. Not that imma abuse her like my DE but just maybe she will see more light diring the day instead of moonlight Lol
  6. HA! I have 2 of each. Speedy and Delightful GM in Mono. Eva and Speedy in Azur.
    I would like another shoulder bag for now. <-- meaning at this moment until I find something else to want. :graucho:
  7. Azur in daylight is so pretty though! Try taking them out besides at night. The lighter colors look really good in sunlight.
  8. Well since u have a larger mono bag (Delightful GM) id go with a Larger Azur since u dont have Azur in a shoulder bag yet :smile:
  9. i'm gonna vote for mono since thats what i wanna get next :smile:
  10. I vote for azur. I actually like azur bags with dark patina as long as it's not dirty.
  11. I vote for Mono. I think Totally in azur is good for summertime, but if you want to wear it all year round, I think Mono is better, more versatile, and beautiful with patina. :smile:
  12. Totally in Azur!! I plan on either this bag or the Speedy 35 in DA for next summer. We are planning a destination wedding in July so I NEED.... MUST HAVE...WANT .... a bag in Azur! Lol
    Like you I just cant't decide which style. I am leaning towards the Totally as a shoulder tote would be more practical for travelling. BUT I do LOVE my Speedys! Lol
    At least I have plenty of time to decide. :smile:

    Good luck op!
  13. Congrats on the engagement & wedding. I know a big Azur bag would look gorgeous for both of us. I love my Speedy too but I need a shoulder bag!! :greengrin:
  14. I love azur! But my mono Totally MM is one of my most used bags and it still looks great, so I vote mono.
  15. I think the Totally looks better in Azur...