Tory Burch Robinson Tote

  1. Hey leahinyvr! Your bag is adorable! It looks just like mine from what I can tell- I looked at mine and compared it to your pictures and I don't see anything different. Where do I check to see where it's made? I will check mine and let you know! I love yours in black! I also looked at on eBay before I told you to check it out and it looked like a reputable seller to me. They didn't have the small one when I bought mine but the large one is working great! I think this leather is amazing! I don't worry about it at all! How are you liking it?
  2. Hi MelissaMM,

    I found the tag on the back side of the middle compartment (i.e. opposite where the mirror is). I think it looks/feels pretty legit so I'm not too worried at this point. I am loving the purse so far! It's the perfect size for me (no matter the size of the bag, I always find a way to fill it up!)

    Thanks for your help!

  3. This bag is such a classic! I'm living overseas right now, so I have to order my bag online. I can't decide between the small bag in luggage or the large bag in black. I think I'd prefer the small bag in black, but it looks like they are sold out. I'm using this bag for work so I'd like to fit a couple of 8.5 x 11 folders in it. Would the small be a tight fit? Any thoughts are appreciated.

    Would someone be able to post pictures comparing the size or show pictures of what you can hold in your bag?

    Thanks a bunch!
  4. I returned the large for the small because the large looked too big on me. However, if you are using the bag for work, get the large. The small will not fit files or work stuff. I actually think I was in a bad mood the day I got the large and I regret returning it!
  5. Thanks for your input. I'm worried this will look too big since I'm only 5'1". If only there was a store that carries TB here :sad:
  6. I just tried an 8.5x11 folder in my small Robinson. It fit lengthwise, but barely - and I had to take other stuff out of the compartment. If you have a few files I'm not sure how this would work out - maybe you would reserve one side for files and another side for the rest of your stuff - but your stuff would have to be pared down.

    I really do regret not keeping the big Robinson, and I might get a bigger one in a fun color in the future. I would order the big black and return if you don't like it. That's what I did. Or order both and return what you don't like.
  7. I got the luggage color in the large tote last month and am in love with it!! I get compliments every day on it, and while I have an extensive collection of designer bags, this one is quickly becoming my favorite. It is a perfect structured tote for work and has a very professional feel. Love it!!!!:yahoo:
  8. As of August, this bag is currently available online in all sizes (in black and luggage) and it is available in the TB store closest to me. I recently received the small Robinson in black for my bday and haven't used it yet, but it is a classy and sophisicated bag. The luggage color was sooo pretty when I saw it in the store, but I thought the black would match more with my oufits. Since I am 5"2, I personally feel the small is much more suitable than the large.

  9. Please post pics. :smile:
  10. Is there a difference between the Robinson tote and the East/West bag? I noticed that some of the East/West bags have silver hardware.

    Tory Burch Labor Day sale begins today! :smile:
  11. so, y'all would definitely recommend the large Robinson tote over the small one as a "work bag," right? I'm looking at the large Robinson tote and the Robinson satchel right now. I want either in the color "luggage." both are the same price!
  12. ^ I would definitely get the large RT over the satchel for a work bag. Both are very large but the tote is more work appropriate and better for storing iPad, files, etc.

    I was just at the TB store yesterday so I have fresh memories of the sizes and features too. :smile:
  13. thank you for replying! I don't think there's TB near me... I was gonna head to Nordstrom or something to check out the bags in person. I REALLY love the look of the satchel, and I REALLY love the "luggage" color. I thought I was 100% sold on the satchel until I saw images of the large tote online.

    basically, I need this bag to last me at least 3 years (I usually start itching for a new bag every 2-3 years) and be large enough to work as a tote AND purse. I hate carrying a purse and tote separately.

    does anyone here have the Robinson satchel in luggage already? I'd love to see real life/modeling pictures! :tender:
  14. I purchased a RT in black to use for work. Will post photos when it arrives! :smile: