Tory Burch Robinson Tote

  1. So I Just received my Tory Burch Navy Patent Robinson tote and I am having size issues. I'm pretty little about 5'2" but I do have an affinity for heel. Upon tearing open my Tory Burch package I realized that the bag may be a bit too big for me but I just absolutely love the style and would love to hear your opinions about whether or not I should keep it. I find it to be absolutely beautiful but am not sure if the bag is too overwhelming for my small frame :sad: I would also love to hear about your opinions about patent leather? Is it more durable than the regular saffiano leather in the long run?

    Here are some picture of me and the tote! All comments are welcome!!
    image-115881216.jpg image-518658717.jpg
  2. I'm 5'1, petite frame and I have trouble with the sizing of the majority of her handbags. I always feel that it looks like I'm hauling around luggage. It's your own personal decision if you like it and feel comfortable, keep it. But I know I passed on it because they are too big in my opinion. Try the small Robinson tote it would look nicer.
  3. I really like it on you... but I like bags this size. If you're not comfortable with it, I would return and get something else if you think you won't use it as much...
  4. I have the same bag and am the same size as you and I love it! When I purchased mine online, they accidentally sent me the smaller version, and I thought it looked good as well but it didn't carry that much, so I'm thrilled with the larger one! And I don't think it looks too big, but I do gravitate towards large bags as well.
  5. The bag is really nice, but in my opinion it looks better over the shoulder. When it's carried on the arm, then it looks too big.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to TB and the purseforum. I'm getting a Robinson satchel and can't decide between french red or blood orange. Can anyone please give me some advice?(I just turned 22 several ds ago~)
  7. I think it looks great on you! not too big at all :smile:
  8. hi! i'm just seeing this. welcome to tpf and to TB! did you end up getting a satchel? i have it in orange and absolutely love it.

    i don't think you can go wrong with either color! let us know what you decide :biggrin:
  9. Hi,

    Did you end up keeping this bag? I'm searching for this bag in Saffiano luggage, and I'm 4'11" so I'm even shorter than you! I do like the style, very professional. And its cheaper than the Prada.