tory burch reva flats

  1. would you buy a pair now? are they too trendy, or can they be worn past this season? i'm contemplating a black pair with a black logo, not the they're a bit more subtle. they are so cute and comfortable, but i want to know what you ladies think!
  2. I think the black logo is a good idea if you're worried about them being too trendy. I think they're great, and I'll wear mine now, later and whenever...they're sooooo will love em'
  3. ^^ ITA. I've got her ankle boots meanwhile which just have the logo on the zipper pull so it's not as noticeable for future seasons.
  4. I love mine - I think they are a classic!
  5. I think that they are very classic. I love the black logo since it is a bit more subtle.
  6. I just got my black-on-black TB flats and love them. I think they're some of the most comfortable ballet flats that I've ever worn! True the TB logo is a bit trendy, but it's become one of those instant classics, and I like how these are more subtle than my other ones.
  7. Go with black on black...I agree with the others! This is what I have and I think they'll stay in style longer.
  8. i really want them now since they have introduce the black on black.
  9. I want them too.....
  10. so, i tried the black on black, but they seem a bit TOO subtle! haha. i like the look of the gold better, now that i've tried them on...but the trendiness becomes more of a factor with the gold, i think. oh, decisions...
  11. i have black patent with black logo and i still wear them alot...
  12. I like the silver on black, but I can't find my size. I will probably go ahead and get the gold on black as I also find the black on black a bit too subtle. I plan on mostly when shopping and as driving shoes. Now that I have a pair of Manolos and am getting ready to get my 2nd pair of CL high heels, I have no intention on ruining them when I am walking down the steps to my house or when driving.
  13. I :heart: mine, and I definitely plan on buying more pairs this year! They are soo comfortable and cute, plus I love the range of colors. :tup:
  14. I wouldn't worry about trendiness. Ballet flats will be around for a while and I don't think they pop out too much they they will ever scream a season. Even though they have gold or silver they are still pretty subtle when you compare them to all of the platform shoes designers are coming out with.
  15. oh, i want to find a picture of them. they sound really cute. i never got a pair because i worried they were too flashy for work :smile: