Tory Burch quality

  1. I have one from BCBG for 90 something bucks and the quality is just that of the Gucci sunglasses that my mom has.
  2. I purchased a pair of aaden ballet flats and the soles are already worn. They are so beautiful I would buy them again!!
  3. I've been lusting over the quilted Chanels for many years now lol, still can not justify the price attach to it.

    Something reasonably priced with quality you can appreciate and notice right off the bat would be (for me that is): Versace, D&G, Raybans and Bvlgari. I know Bvlgari may sound steep, but when you get them on sale they're totally worth it. Oh and I love me some SPYS and Vogue (only about 90 bucks). :tup: My secret is, I almost always get them on sale!
  4. Oh no :sad: I was looking to get a 797 bag. :sad: Kinda worried now...
  5. i have to say that the quality of her items have gone up in the past year or so in my opinion.

    i was the OP on this thread...i am happier with my recent purchases.

    everything is so darn cute that i will continue buying anyway :smile:
  6. Oh that's good feedback! I've just gotten interested in TB in the last year or so. A friend bought a Robinson tote and one of the side snaps was missing, which was the case with several listings that I viewed before giving up on the Robinson. This gives me hope because I really like the designs!! Thanks!!
  7. I have had only one issue with a Tory purse (I currently own 5) but the one I have a problem with is used more than the others. I have a cream Audra purse that has worn really badly on all corners and under the handles, I doubt it's going to make it a year, I'm gentle on my stuff so I have to agree with sub par quality. I did come across sunglasses at Marshall's and even at 49.99 I passed on them, they just seemed flimsy and not worth the money. The last purchase was a large Channing tote and my only issue with that was that the hardware pinched the skin on my upper arm, bad design issue I suppose. I will think twice before another bag purchase. I do have some clothing and have no issues with that.
  8. I haven't had problems but I do agree that prices aren't equal to the quality expected. I have 2 bags and 2 wallets that seem fine for $500 because I'm comparing them to my Prada, LV, Hermes, Chanel, Celine, YSL....etc. then all of my clothes have been dry cleaned and steamed to last me for 6 years. I shopped there since I was 16 and now I'm 21 :smile: the quality has changed but not as dramatic as some are making it sound. I have the kissing fx belt and a goo amount of jewelry too. No sunglasses since I only like Prada, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Dolce and Gabbana. No boots either since I have big calves. And the reva flats I have, red, and tan brown.
  9. I have a red 797 ad just bought the plum color suede and a tan cross body..I love mine. Maybe women shouldn't throw their purses around or stuff too much in them
  10. I agree that Tory Burch's quality is terrible for the price point. I've bought two items of hers - black leather Reva flats and an Amanda logo clutch.

    The Reva flats I wear as my main flats (while also rotating others), and they are just such bad quality. I've had them since last year and the bottom is wearing thin already, the inside is coming up from the sides, plus they're all scratched up in the front and back. The leather is way too soft for this kind of shoe, and it just doesn't hold up well at all. I also wore them while in Paris on vacation with friends. We got stuck in a rain storm. Their flats held up fine. Mine turned my feet black! The color came off on my feet. Awful! Will never buy again.

    The Amanda clutch has held up pretty well. The leather feels much more durable. Problem is the medal emblem in the front has scratches on it, and you can see the brass underneath the silver coating. The leather border on the top of the bag under the flap is starting to come apart a little too. But compared to my Revas, it's doing pretty good.
  11. I still use my Robinson satchel.. it holds up super well... though it has scratches, I should say it is the everyday bag for me 'cause I usually use this bag rather than my other more expensive bags...

    And I just bought a 797...
  12. The Reva flats suck... It hurt me so bad at the heels... and yes, my toes were all black after wearing them for like a morning only!

    But the bags are still fine for me. A lot of things are made in China nowadays, I dont really have a problem with that. Made in China does not mean it is bad... Your iPhone is made in China.. and it is not that bad.
  13. I have read through this thread and most of you focus on leather accessories, etc.

    I want to highlight their quality of clothing that I unfortunately also feel that is not as good as I expected it to be.

    I ordered this jacket (thank god on sale) but original price was over 500USD

    To be honest, when I received, don't get me wrong, I love the design but the quality is just really so so. I have only worn it three times and it starts to appear tiny balls of the fabric. Also the material in overall is not what I expected either...


    I also bought the gardner blazer and wasn't too fond of the quality either.

    I think it is so sad because I LOVE the design of her clothes, but the quality is just really mediocre.

    A brand which quality is great is Milly. Do you agree?
    Alice + Olivia is also nice considering they don't really use exclusive materials, but at least the clothes are really well-done. Not like Tory Burch which gives me the impression of sloppyness.
  14. Bump!

    I am thinking about buying the Elina boots as a christmas present for my sister, but am concerned about the quality. Does anyone have any experience with her boots, or the pebbled leather they use?
  15. I have resoled at least two Reva flats and once fully returned to Nordstrom a pair of flats that had lost some decal on them... Quality is such that I would not buy their bags, just shoes for style and I love their tunics and pants. I only buy on sale. fwiw, I was at Sawgrass Mills outlet on Dec 23 and they had Tory Burch outlet... there was a line to get in the store!! (one body in= one body out)... quality doesn't seem to affect sales!