Tory Burch Outlet finds

  1. And Camarillo.
  2. Ohhh great finds!!!!
  3. Yep and they had a lot of flats and simone sweaters!:smile:
  4. LOVE the flats! I have to find one near me.
  5. Phone ordered a pair of the "Wood Wedge Espadrille" from the Cabazon outlet a couple weeks ago! I believe they were $110. I just love the color block look and the canvas and wood mix! They have them available in black and white.
  6. Bumping!!

    Anyone else find any good deals lately?
  7. I posted these in another thread, but here are my outlet finds.

    I would love for this thread to stay alive also.
    tb1.jpg tb2.jpg
  8. I am going to my outlet this weekend and will post what I find. I would like to also keep this thread alive :biggrin:
    I bought my TB flip flops from Bloomies in June and just discovered this thread so I want to know about all sales and see TB reveals!

    disney; I love your outlet finds!
  9. Hi! I will post my finds to also keep this thread going. I discovered a Tory Burch outlet just outside of Houston (I was visiting Houston).

    Lots of great merchandise and fall items are here. Tons of Simone cardigans and especially the Simone with the different buttons.

    The first pic is a navy Simone. I love the buttons as they are a bit different than the usual all gold. I really like these a lot. I wanted to show the buttons so everyone could see.

    The second pic is a cashmere striped sweater with pockets. I thought it was very fun and so so soft. This item was also 50% off.


  10. The Vegas outlet had the classics but they weren't super marked down. Whatever. I'll save 20% if I can. I was with a group of girls and we all left with at least two pairs. Someone (not me) left with six pairs. They didn't have Thoras. They did have the classic flip flop for $40 (retails for $50). They had Holly 2s (looks like a Miller with a heel) with the metallic medallion in cogac and black and they might have been $140ish. No tax in Vegas!
  11. Nice!

  12. Cute! I have not tried any Tory Burch clothes...yet. I get so preoccupied with accessories, bags and shoes that I rarely give her clothes any attention. Definitely need to look into them
  13. I've been looking for Thoras ever since I discovered that there were outlets. The only thoras I have ever seen were make of all Jelly.

    I was told that the outlets will likely never get Thoras because they sell too well. Sad because I love them and would love a discount to buy more
  14. The Revas sell pretty well and they were at the LV outlet. I bet they'll make it there sooner or later. They just might not have a huge markdown.
  15. Oh... you will love her clothes. I actually am the opposite of you. I buy her clothes, but never her shoes or bags (I buy another brand). Her clothes are great and very well made. The jeans fit great too! Good luck!