Tory Burch Outlet finds

  1. Awesome find! And your puppy is adorable!

    Judging from the height of my heels, I am not afraid to fall.
  2. is there a tory burch outlet close to southern california?
  3. Cabazon outlet.
  4. OMG!! I'm totally in love with your great finds!!! :heart:33 I'm going to Miami/Orlando next week and I know that there's a Tory Burch Outlet at Sawgrass Mill!!!
    Have anyone already been there and know if they really have good deals/discounts???
  5. Hi. You can call that outlet and order over the phone. They will ship for free.
  6. Anyone have updates on outlet finds?
  7. I got these at Woodbury Commons on 4/14/2012.
  8. The quilted patent leather reva is devine!
  9. Does anyone know if there is an authentic online TB outlet? I don't live close to an outlet but I really want to do some outlet shopping. If not, may have to make a trip.

  10. There is no online Tory Burch outlet however you can call the outlet store and order. They ship for free.
  11. Love your puppie!! and your flats too!!
  12. they are so gorgeous! how much cheaper are they at the outlet stores?
  13. Thank you!
    Mine were 30 dollars off the original price ($195).
    I paid $165 plus tax.
  14. i love your TB footwear collections;)
  15. image-2742407451.jpg

    Here's another pair from Camarillo outlets. The best and sooooo comfy. They are called the Romy flat.