Tory Burch Ginevra Bootie

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  1. i don't own them, but personally see people with longer legs wearing them effortlessly. how tall are you? i think it depends more on what you wore with them rather than height. like, i wouldn't recommend shorts/skirts/dresses w/o tights or hose. i think these would look best with skinnys/jeggings and a fitted top, not something tunic length
  2. Thanks for your response linhhhuynh, I am a little over 5'5" and about 120, I want to wear them with skinny jeans but just worried they would look kind of "elfish" on me if that makes sense? I went ahead and ordered them from Tory Burch since thew were sold out everywhere in the color I wanted, I guess I can always return them.
  3. i think you're fine. 5'5" isn't that short at all, and you sound to be around my sister's height & weight. hope you enjoy your shoes!
  4. Thanks linhhhuynh! I'll report back it they work