Tory Burch Deals and Steals! No chat/comments.

  1. The DVF Sample Sale which starts on June 5, 2012 is open to the public.
    The Tory Burch Sample Sale is also open to the public, so shop away!:smile:

  2. Yes it is.
  3. How does the ticket thing work for the shoes? Do they give you a ticket as soon as you go in or do you have to request it? Also is there a separate line to purchase the shoes?
  4. hi ladies, have anyone gone to the sale today? was it worth going?
  5. It hasn't started yet. It starts next Tuesday, June 11th.
  6. * June 12 :smile:
  7. Whoops, June 12th haha. This is what happens when I type after a long day at work.
  8. The shoes are in a back area and the ticket gets you into that closed off section where you can view the shoes, try them on, and make your selection. They also have a display case where you can view the selection and decide if you even want to waste your time (personally, they never have shoes I like).

    Sometimes the ticket guys are at the front and give you one (if you want one) at the entry way and other times they're near the back area where the shoe section entrance is, it depends on how crowded it is.

    I'm a sample sale reporter for Racked NY ( and I will be covering this sale. So watch the site for full coverage once it opens next week. i'm very excited, this is my favorite one of the year.

    Personally, the DvF sale didn't do it for me and I went home empty handed. Here's my coverage on that one:

    Let me know if anyone has sample sale related questions! I'm a bit of a veteran at this.
  9. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :smile:
  10. oh no why is always in USA:nogood:
  11. Hope there will be Reva this year...
  12. I just checked my e-mail and I got an e-mail about the Tory Burch Sample Sale.
    They started one day early (June 11), so Ladies if you are in the city stop and check it out!

    Please feel free to share you finds with pics :biggrin:
    Screen shot 2012-06-11 at 3.13.24 PM.png
  13. I'm on my way! I was so not expecting this, I hope that the line isn't too long :/
  14. Well I'm here and the line is long :/
  15. My sister is at the sample sale right now. No Revas. Eddie flats in patent green and blue for $99.