Tory Burch Deals and Steals! No chat/comments.

  1. You're welcome. Let me know if you got them.
  2. and make sure that your stuff is not the exclusions.. Reva, tory burch foundation products, pre orders....
  3. I got a pair with Saks friends and family deal (20% off) and got an additional 10% off by opening a charge card. They came to $140! They were getting really picked over and didn't have the classic black/silver reva in stock at the time so they ordered them and are having the shipped for free.
  4. When did they raise the shipping to free over 300? And how comfy are the flat wedges?
  5. Are Aaden shoes included in the sale? I put it in my bag but the code didn't apply (code did discount other shoes in my cart though).
  6. Just ordered the Dalcin flat sandals - couldn't resist almost $70 off!


  7. Meerkat, are you talking about the Sally closed toe?? I called the TB store and it's 265.00, then 25% off, but by the time I add in tax, it's 216.00, and I have to think about it. Unfortunately, I live in Paris, and I need to sleep now, so while I sleep on it, the F&F will be dead. Augh!
  8. No the classic revas.
  9. tried the saks code...unfortunately it does not work ? any more new codes for month of May ? thanks
  10. It expired yesterday. Today is last day for
  11. Wedges are pretty comfortable! :yes:

    I bought the nude Aaden from the boutique so they're definitely included. :smile:
  12. Thanks for sharing. Just tried on line with the coupon code but seemed not working anymore.

    Darn, I missed such a good deal - could have used to purchase a pair of nice wedges. I love Tory's shoes. Please keep informed if such deal is coming up again soon. TIA!
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  14. I don't know much about sizes but you'd better get the pants & try it out since there's ONLY one left. Shop bop offers free returns if it doesn't work out.
  15. Hi, does anyone have a code they aren't using? I am trying to get my mom a bag for mother's day.

    TIA :flowers: