Tory Burch Clothing

  1. I was wondering what everyone though of Tory Burch clothing? I was thinking of buying some of her fall sweaters. Are the items of high quality? Do they last?
  2. Hmm I don't own any of her clothing but I love her shoes. You would think she would uphold the same quality for her clothes.HTH.
  3. Love her clothes, they are certainly well made & of good quality, as long as you care for them properly they should last you for years
  4. I haven't seen any clothing that I liked and I've gone into the boutique many times to try and find something. It just looks to '60ish and flashy.

    I do like some of the shoes.
  5. That's good to know. She has some cute sweaters coming out for fall. Last year I sent a ton of money at Nordstrom and NM and almost everything fell apart by the end of winter even though I hand washed or dry cleaned everything. I don't want a repeat of last year.
  6. I have a Tory Burch top that I purchased last year. It's still in very good shape, although I don't wear it as often as I did last summer.
  7. I own many pieces and some quality is better than not thrilled with the merino wool quality of the sweaters. They pull very easily, even after one dry cleaning. I do like her cotton knits and they have stood up really well. I also own a coat of hers that I love although the fabric is a little itchy. Honestly I don't know that I will add anything of hers to my fall wardrobe this year...I have not been thrilled.
  8. Wasnt nicole richie wearing a tory cute tunic red? On this season simple life? Does anyone have pics of this? thanks

  9. Uh oh... the sweater I was looking at was merino wool. :crybaby:
  10. i went into her boutique last week and she does have a few nice things if you like the sixties look. kind of for the woman who jet sets but goes to india and malasyia, stuff like that. cute shoes but nothing i had to have.
  11. there's this cute navy blue cardi that i have my eyes on. when i get back from vaca i may have to get it!