Tory Burch beach tote!!

  1. How cute is this bag? I just got the last one at Anyone else loving Tory, too? I have the Reva flats and patent wedge sandals on preorder...Just wanted to share! :p
  2. So cute!!
  3. I don't have one, but it seems like the perfect beach tote. Do they have it in white too? That would be perfect tote for summer.
  4. I love that! Do they have it in stock anywhere else?
  5. I love that bag! :heart:
  6. Thanks, girls. :smile: No, I didn't see it in white, BagsR... I tried to search for it elsewhere online b/c NM didn't have the dimensions (13" high x 18" long btw) and couldn't find it. Not even on Tory Burch's website...
  7. very pretty!

    i saw a bunch of her beach totes at century21 in nyc... all at incredibly low prices.