TORRIS or ICARE cannot decide

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  1. I have not seen both of it in RL. Icare was the one I was dreaming. I recently discovered Torris and liked it. I will carry laptop, books( if necessary), an umbrella, wallet. I am a petite girl. Any idea that you can share? If you have pictures, please do post here for reference. Thanks.
  2. ICare. It's a stunning bag.
  3. iCare! :tup:
  4. Icare
  5. I saw the icare in Graphite and Ebene today in the LV store and it's a gorgeous bag!!!
  6. I like Icare
  7. I almost bought the Torres...its not as structured as Icare and lacks handheld straps....but I like that it does not look like a briefcase like the icare does...
  8. The Icare is amazing. I just got it recently and love it.
  9. The ICare is for mehhhh!! :love:
  10. Icare!
  11. Get the iCare! :biggrin: my favorite bag!