Toronto Meet on March 14th!!! Anyone...?

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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm not sure how many Canadians are on this site but I'm wondering if anyone is in Toronto and interested in planning a meet...? Us Canadians should not be left out of the fun ;)
  2. :woohoo: Yes, count me in!!! I would luv to meet other purse lovers in/near Toronto.
  3. Count me in too for Toronto. I haven't seen too many Canadians on the site but I think there are a few more!
  4. I'm in Toronto! I've got H scarves and bracelets and an H watch, but this is the year I'm saving up for the birkin (I hope)!
  5. hi everyone - I'm very new here.. Count me in please.. Look forward to meet any Torontonian TPFers..

    Are there only 4 (or so) of us here?

  6. Hi everyone - I'm sure there are more of us in Toronto hopefully they come out...

    I've checked with Hermes-Sapphire and we are thinking March 14th at around 3pm so mark your calendars. Closer to the time I'll PM everyone who can make it with the location details..looking forward to meeting you all:smile:
  7. Yaaay - sooo exciting! Can't wait :P Thank you first birkin & Hermes-Sapphire!
  8. I don't know how I missed this post. I would love to be part of a Toronto Meet :yahoo:
    March works for me, count me in! If you need any help, let me know.
  9. Hi sarah2808 thanks for your post and offer to help - I'll keep you posted if help is needed and otherwise looking forward to meeting :woohoo:
  10. hi all, any thoughts on venue suggestions/options? Would the itinerary include a visit to H? :heart:
  11. ^^ LOL too bad winterlicious doesn't last until then, there are so many great restaurants in yorkville!
  12. True :sad: ..

    So matt - any suggestions on meeting venue?
  13. ^^ haha calicocat, I'm not even sure I'll be going!

    But if you guys want some good places to eat, if you're planning on a meal:
    Pangaea on Bay
    Annona at the Park Hyatt
    Sassafraz on Yorkville

    if you're planning on a snack or something light:
    Flo's Diner
    Dessert Lady (there's no place to sit unfortunately, but they have the best desserts in the city, hands down.)
    Crepes a gogo

    If you're planning on meeting at a place:
    Holt Renfrew (it's typically a TPF meeting place, although it is quite far from H)
    The colonnade (the place diagonally across from H -- there's a little enclave from the sidewalk and it'll be easier to see people/meet there.) It's where the Cartier is set to open and Mendocino are.
  14. I know when the LV members did their meet last May, they shopped for the afternoon and then had dinner at Hemmingways. I am afraid I did not get to attend the May meeting but they seemed very happy with Hemmingways. In November we had brunch first at One and then had an afternoon of shopping and that worked well too. (Hee, hee that is when I ordered my Birkin...:cloud9:)
  15. matt - Thank you for the suggestions :heart:

    sarah2808 - have you received your B yet? :nuts: