Toronto is home to too many fakes.

  1. Toronto is home to too many fakes.

    I was on the streetcar this morning, heading to work, and I counted six fake designer bags on a 20 minute ride. IMO that is a lot! I live in downtown Toronto and I am always shocked by the number of fake bags that I see on a day-to-day basis. Personally, I've never seen the attraction to buying fake bags. I absolutely love LV, but on a meagre student budget I have a very small collection. However, I would never dream of purchasing fake bag, because what is the point? You know it's fake as does everyone else. Although I would love to have the LV collection that some of you ladies have, but since I cannot afford to, I live vicariously through your posts and through your stories, I don't go out and buy a fake one.

    Anyhow, sorry for the rant... Just was very disappointed today on the way to work and wanted to share with all you lovely ladies.

    x louislover
  2. Hey :smile:

    I'm a poor student too.. I got my Speedy on my fiance's interest free overdraft! lol! I took my speedy downtown where I live today and I thought as long as I know it's real then thats all that matters. Plus for security reasons would-be mugger may assume its fake also :yes:
  3. That's sweet of your fiance!

    That's how I feel too - if everyone else in the world thought my bag was fake I WOULD NOT CARE because I know it's real and that I love it!
  4. oh MAN! its soooooo true! i live north of the city and i think its even WORSE up here. especially with pacific mall just around the corner...

    i just don't see the attraction in buying a fake either. don't they know WE KNOW?

    i'd be sooo embarassed!
  5. You haven't seen China.. a place where everyone has fakes...
  6. I wonder sometimes what percentage of the LV's I see are fake? I'm still learning to tell, especially with mono, but often I will see a bag that just looks "wrong" to me for some reason and that has been happening almost every day. Yuck!
  7. Yes, I totally agree!

    The sad part as well is that there are many bag stores in the malls that sells the fake ones! Not just LV's but other designer as well. I live North-West of Toronto, and I would say that the City I live in is not like Richmond hill or anything like that, but there are people that carry real designers. What kills me are the people who carry fake ones and flaunt them like they are real!!! Arghhh!!!

    I don't have a lot of LV's I only have 3 so far and hopefully on the weekend, we're going to the boutique downtown and I am getting my Mini Pleaty in Fuschia!!! Can't wait, hubby is working the long weekend so he can pay for it!!! Yay!

    Anway, just my two Canadian cents....LOL

    Thanks for reading my post!
  8. newcastle is home to too many fakes! Urgh!
  9. ^^^ What a nice hubby!!

    Believe it or not, once I saw a woman carrying a fake mono Speedy IN THE LV BOUTIQUE! And it was a really noticeable fake... all the SA's (any myself included) were cringing at the sight of it... it was sacrilegious!!
  10. In my town in Connecticut, pretty much all of the LVs i see are fake. It's very sad. Everyone loves Coach here, but not LV. I agree with you though, I am paying off hefty student loans at the moment, but rather than buying fakes, I just save and have a smaller collection. Fakes are gross!
  11. Fakes are just awful! You are right not to buy them, treasure your collection big or small, size doesn't matter, what matters is that you buy authentic LV.
  12. You're very right, louislover. Walking down Bloor the other day I counted fourteen between Bay and Spadina. That said, it's not as bad as Shanghai, or even Venice and Rome -- they've still got us beat. (Maybe we should have a Fake Brigade like Venice. It'd be fun to see them swoop in on vendors here.)

    Edit: That said, I've seen an even greater number of real Toki, Prada, and Chanel on the TTC.
  13. I don't live in Toronto but I've seen so many fakes here its ridiculous :cursing:. I've seen:

    -Speedys with metal feet on the bottom :sad:
    -A Manhattan GM with crocked monogram :wacko:
    -A montrosity of an MC bag with BRIGHT NEON monograms :confused1:
    -A Speedy with straps that looked like they belonged on the Neverfull :rolleyes:
    -(I think it was suppose to be the Popincourt Haut) It had black and white pictures of people with LV's in various colors in the forefront and white straps :throwup:
    -and one the other day that I still don't know what LV it was suppose to be. It was a mix of MC's and mono. It was that bad :wtf:
  14. I share your pain
  15. lol. they arent even good ones. pink MC anyone? or maybe just a blue CB?