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  1. Don't know if this will take off, but thought that maybe fellow Toronto peeps could recommend SA's or any other Toronto/LV news and info…
  2. The asian guy (i think he's the manager) at holts on bloor is great
  3. I normally deal with Martina or Joseph at LV, Yorkdale. Or Wendy at the freestanding store on Bloor. That's all the info I can provide for now!:flowers:
  4. Really good experience with Lyndsey (or Lindsay?) at the Bloor Street location. She works on the 2nd floor, is fairly new, and super nice, easy-going, and never pressures you or makes you feel bad (especially when you're just looking)
  5. Does anyone know if the LV store on Bloor, or the Holts boutiques give out catalogues. I tried to get one on Saturday at Yorkdale and they said they didnt have any available. :sad:
  6. Yorkdale was out of catalogs last week, as far as I know. Call Bloor and see if they have any. I am sure if they have them in stock they would put one aside for you.:yes:
  7. Thanks Irene!
  8. This section is for different LV style clubs only. Sorries.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.