Took a big bite!

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  1. #1 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    Follow my sis's lead (what's new) and purchased a Part Time with SGH in soft shiny black (07). So my quest for a black and silver purse is over. I thought Chanel would get my order but everything I really loved was 28-33 hundred dollars. Shucks :wondering I'm not ready to take that step ?? Humm? Do I wanna be???

    Anyway this bag fits the bill so I'm content. :tpfrox:
    Because w/o this thread I would have never found my source. Those flippin Part-times are not the easiest things to find???

    Almost went with the city but I decided against it. Barney's in Seatle WA has a nice selection of 07 and08 black Cities. You can contact a WONDERFUL SA by the name of:
    Raquel @ Barneys
    (206) 622-6300
  2. Congratulations, Susie! I can't wait to see your bag. Is this the only bag you and Div are "almost twins" on? You both need to do some modeling shots when they arrive. I think you'll love the part-time and be glad you didn't get the city. I personally think the GH almost overwhelms the City and prefer those with RH. Just my 2 cents. Can't wait for pictures!

  3. Hey?? I almost didn't recognise you with your new face lift (avatar); I miss your daughters' dangling feet!!

    We will post modeling pics! Two things have to happen soon; one: my new purse has to arrive to my house this week, two: so does Div and my mother!! Then it will be pics away :heart:.
  4. I am thrilled that susie now has a Bbag coming. We have lots of similar bags and even one set exactly alike: both of us have chocolate patent chain handled Betties. My Edith is jade - hers is red. Of course we both have Paddies. Oh and we both have quilted Bays - hers red again and mine gold metallic. We do ask each other if we mind but how could we ever stop somebody from getting what they want just because we have it too? And we do ask each other what we are wearing if there is a significant outing involved. Her getting a purse is practically just as exciting as ME getting a purse!!! She took one look at my new PT and it just took off from there!
  5. Congratulations, Susie... I am very excited for you as well...
  6. congrats! Susie~~
    I have always thought City are more popular than PT; and shouldn't be too difficult in finding one. HOWEVER, it took me at least 2 months to find my dream bag.:Push:
    would love to see your photo later on :yes:
  7. ^^^ thank you all!! I searched past sales on MP and on Ebay. PT's are hard to come by (in GH) especially if they're good. So if you see one you really, really love????

    Yes, I'm enabling the enablers
  8. I can beleive you jumped too...whats going on with us?
    I will be jumping too as soon as the right POM POM comes at the right price...

    Show pics as soon as she comes!!!
  9. Yours is going to be tough because it's a brand new model. I bought my in excellent condition from another tPF, an 07?

    BUT?? If anyone can find a deal it would have to be YOU!!:graucho:
  10. Congratulations! Please post pictures soon!
  11. Here's an outside pic that the seller provided for me (if you see this thanks). I'm waiting to hold her in my arms.......this week........sooon........... :yahoo:

  12. omg, now your killing me showing me this picture of your freakin gorgeous bag!!!:crybaby:

    Congratulations on the awesome find. Maybe one will find me soon:confused1:
  13. Now this is what I call a Holy Grail:
  14. You and I were looking at the same time but I didn't realize this untill I bought my bag and posted in the "selling section".

    My eyes will search and I will give you a heads up. My sister will too!! Don't worry, you'll find your bag!
  15. thanks!
    p.s. I moved over to Bal from Chloe too about a year ago! Didn't look back even once...