Too young for anti-aging cream ?

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  1. Or do you have to wait to have wrinkles to use one ?
    I have been using simple hydrating creams / moisturizers until now. But now I'd like to use something more than that. With antioxydants and a first anti aging action.
    It's really not clear what the brands can provide you, there should be some sort of advice on their website depending on your age.....because everytime I ask for products like Lancome "primordiale" or Clinique "repairwear" , the SA replies that I don't have any wrinkles....and I reply "but I am 28, it's starting to sag, and do I have to wait to have wrinkles ?" They say it's too active, and what will I use in future ? it's not like asking for extreme lifting creams !
    What are your thoughts on that ???
  2. I think you that prevention is better than cure. As a GENERAL advice, one should change their skincare every decade. For example, 10-20 is battling oily skin and such, 20-30 should be preventing wrinkles, 40-50 is for evening out skin tone, 50-60 is for lifting and preventing hollowness, and so on and so forth.
    I think that you can use anti ageing moisturizers once you feel like you should revamp your skincare to one that prevents wrinkles. And no age is too young for eye cream.
  3. I say it's never to early to start a good skincare regime. I do think it's more important to wear sunscreen everyday.
  4. I agree! It's never too early to start. I use an eye cream at night, but I use a good moisturizer with sunscreen daily, and I'm about the same age. If there's something more that I could be doing, I would definitely like to know!
  5. I used to worry if I was too young to start using anti-aging products, but then.. Prevention is better, right? I'll be 28 this year and started using anti-aging creams for a lil over a year now, and no joke, some people still think I am in highschool!!!

    So, no.. It's not too early.. I say if you're over 25??
  6. i recently started using an anti aging eye creme. im only 25 but i agree with you guys, prevention is the best.
    i really like the creme, it seems to do what it promaces, and am thinking about trying the daily moisturizer (which has an spf in it[although i use one daily anyways]) when im due for a new daily moisturizer.
  7. Ok, thanks for your answers, any names of what you´re using ?
  8. I use Clarins UV PLUS SPF40 everyday, even if it's raining/cloudy as it also gives me a nice sheen on the face (but definitely not oily).
    I love Kiehl'ss Abyssine eye cream at night, and Kiehl's Light Nourishing Eye Cream for the day and in summer.
    I think that La Praire does one of the best anti ageing moisturizers, Shiseido, Yon-Ka and Ole Henriksen.

  9. I use La Prairie anti-aging creme for day and night. But for my day sunblock. I must say Natura Bisse's SPF 30 anti aging sunscreen is sooo great! I don't even need foundation, it's like it mattifies and gives my skin a smooth appearance:yes:
  10. i say sunblock and eye cream is a must for 20 somethings. when you hit 28 + i say start using anti aging.
  11. I started using eye cream when I was 20. And I am SO glad that I did! I was still getting carded up until a year or so ago ... and now I am 38. I started our using Estee Lauder Eyezone, and now I rotate products. I think as long as you're treating the area you're fine. Wear a moisturizer with sunblock every day. And stay out of the sun!
  12. im glad someone asked this! I have fine oily skin and acne (but not too bad) It's hard for me to use anti wrinkle cream b/c it makes my skin even oilier! Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard spot!:crybaby:
  13. I have oily skin too and thought anti-aging creams would be too rich, BUT! They have oil-free AA creams!!! Which works WELL! Again, I totally recommend Natura Bisse's SPF 30 anti-aging sunscreen for the face (Found at Neiman Marcus). It mattifies and smoothes the complexion.
  14. i think age bracket isn't the go signal as to when to use anti-aging creams.
    it's when you start seeing your face starting to mature... and it's bothering you enough... i guess it's time.

    maybe the beauty care industry's just making extra efforts to expand their market so they're infusing us statements like "don't wait for wrinkles to show up- start early" and so on... i mean, if it ain't broke (yet), don't fix it (yet), right?
  15. Lancome's Primordiale product line is supposed to be preventative. It targets fine lines and should be fine to use if you are 28. I use the whole line and I am only 24. It comes in a cream or a lotion so you can decide how much moisture you want. Hope this helps.