Too Old For Stuffed Animals?

  1. Alright...a confession here....Ms. twigs LOVES Cookie Monster stuffed animals.....and Simba ones (from the Lion King).
    Problem? I'm 30 and they're on a shelf in my bedroom!

    Too much?

    What got me thinking about this was during one of those Clean Sweep type of shows...the guy was in his 40s and had stuffed animals everywhere in his bedroom. The designers came in and said stuffed animals were for babies and didn't belong in a grown couple's bedroom (they weren't married, just living together...and it was his house).


    I figured they were better in my bedroom that is out of th public opposed to being displayed in my living room!
  2. I still have stuffed animals, love them! I have some displayed here and there, but those aren't too big. The biggest ones are at my mom's house, all sitting on the couch in my old bedroom.
  3. I still have some from childhood that are special to me. They stay in my bedroom!
  4. I still have stuffed animals too. And I still receive them as gifts from time to time. I enjoy them and I think I always will. :smile:

    I love monkey stuffies! :biggrin:
  5. In my apartment, I've got:
    A little bear my dad got me for Valentine's Day one year on my bookcase
    A Godiva bear I bought for myself for my birthday one year on my couch.

    I have a lot more in my room at my parents' house and I don't even sleep with the ones on my bed. (Well, there's one big teddy bear but he kind of acts like a body pillow).
  6. Fully disagree. I am not old, nor a baby. I just bought THREE stuffed bears on eBay. I had to be cautious of where they were placed. This was in fear of my daughter swiping them from me. This has happened 2 other times in the past. I buy with the intent they are mine, she sees them, and is so happy to think that they were bought for her. I just have to figure out how to receive them successfully and without her knowing I bought them. They all have a great scent to them, which is what I really love.
  7. I am not much of a collector, nor am I particularly sentimental. I have the teddy my mom had specially made for me as a child, but that is stored. I've donated or disposed of the rest. I find it a little peculiar, but heck, people collect far weirder things than stuffed animals, so it really isn't anyone's business except your own. If you have the space for them and like them, then keep them.
  8. I hope 32 is not too old for stuffed animals... I just bought the cutest Webkinz gorilla...

    To add to my Webkinz collection! My daughter and I both buy them, between the two of us we have about thirty of them. I like to set them next to my husband so they are kinda watching tv with him or staring at him as a joke. He just rolls his eyes... If he falls asleep on the sofa, he will wake up with one hehe.
  9. You're never too old for stuffed animals!! I have lots of them, they rock. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise!!!
  10. Awww thanks everyone!!!! This show made it seem like it was a disease to have stuffed animals or have them in the bedroom!!

    Glad to know I am not alone!
  11. I'm over 40 and I DO have them displayed in my living room. LOL I actually have a curio display case in my formal living room with some of my Teddy Bears...I have some theme bears from that Mr Max gave me, a couple of other nicer ones (stieff), and my crown jewel of all teddy bears...a mink teddy bear handmade by a lady in Florida ( out of my late grandmother's old mink stole I inherited.

    I have several others in my spare bedroom including a collection of small Boyd's Bears and all of the rare beanie baby bears a client used to pay an oustanding bill years ago (damn, I really wanted the money instead of those darn beanies but you take what you can
  12. I love stuffies. I have alot in storage. They all have their own stories. Here are a few...
    My DH bought me this one a couple of years ago when I had surgery. Apparently while I was in the recovery room, the nurses said I woke up angry and thought they had performed an organ transplant between me and an orangutan. I kept asking them how the orangutan was and no one would tell me - they just kept laughing. So when I woke up in my hospital bed, this guy was staring at me.
    Here is Tray and Tray Jr. and friends.
    These bunnies make a guest appearance every easter in my DH's easter basket.

    Can't find my punk rock bear I bought in London....
  13. You are NEVER too old for stuff animals! I collect Snoopy and Gund Snuffles, a couple of them are over $200, and I proudly display them in a glass case. Also, I have severals that sleep on my bed or display on top of my dresser. My husband loves them too, or doesn't mind sleeping with 5 of them, hehe! I always bring my baby Snuffle with me when I travel too. :p
  14. If they have sentimental value to you..keep them. If not then throw them out.
  15. Awww some of your pics are soooo cute!!!