Too Old for Speedy?

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  1. I used to carry a speedy years ago and loved it. I was considering purchasing another one as an everyday bag. I like to take care of and end up carrying my bags for years. I am in my early 40's and for some reason feel like the speedy shape and casual style is very youthful. Perhaps it is because it was my first bag when I was in my 20's that I associate it with youth? If I buy one now will I look silly carrying it 15 or 20 years from now?
  2. I'm buying another one tomorrow so I hope not. Your never too old for Speedy IMO!!!!
  3. the speedy is perfect for any age no worries
  4. well im over 40 have 3 speedys and I will use them for as long as they or I last LOL.. I don't think your ever too old and if I could afford the roses speedy I would be all over it :O)
  5. I think its such a classic bag. Carry it with LoVe! :smile:
  6. Ita with everyone else, you're never too old for a chic and timeless bag like the Speedy. I think it's age appropriate at any age!
  7. speedy goes w/ all age, I saw a lady carry speedy 30 who is might at least 65yrs old. Very classic, very nice.
  8. I see the Speedy as a true classic - I have one now at 21, and I know I'll be happy to carry it all my life. It's probably the best bag purchase I've ever made.
  9. I'm 31 and I LVoe my Damier Speedy Ebene 30. Age is relative...look at madonna she has a better body than me and she is 20 years older!!!!
  10. The Speedy is an LV Icon Bag and is appropriate for any age, IMO.
  11. I don't think you're ever too old for a Speedy!
  12. Thanks everyone! Now I just have to decide if I want another Mono or a Damier and do I want a 25 or a 30? Decisions! Decisions!
  13. Never too old for a speedy. I think it is a great handbag for all ages! BTW- you are very young!
  14. i agree with everyone! never too old for speedy or Louis Vuitton in general!
  15. Speedy is a great bag for any age, truely is one of those bag fit for everyone imo...