Too much Damier???


Can you have too much Damier?

  1. Keep both

  2. Lose the Damier Speedy 25

  3. Lose the Duomo

  4. I don't like either of them - get rid of them both!

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  1. I just got a Duomo recently but I also have a Damier Speedy 25. In previous posts I have always urged people to keep both bags but now I am wondering...for those of you who have owned both the Damier Speedy 25 and the Duomo did you keep both or eventually get rid of one? I'd like to know what I should do too! I will probably keep both for now but if I did had to get rid of one, which one should it be and why?
  2. I would keep both for the time being but if you really have to get rid of one, I'll say to get rid of the speedy since the duomo is more stiff while the speedy sags.
  3. if you like them both and able to keep both... then do so..:graucho:

    but if not, i would say keep the duomo as it is more unique and structured... it's such a beautiful bag... plus, you can always get a speedy in another line but no other duomo... :smile:
  4. If you can keep both, do that.
  5. Ditto:yes:
  6. no, i don't think you can have too much damier. but if you want to get rid of one, i would keep the duomo.
  7. keep both.
  8. I agree! I would keep them both. The speedy for every day use, the Duomo for special occasions. The Duomo is a modern classic and such a beauty! (please don't sell her':crybaby: )
  9. Oh... I love the Duomo, I never noticed that bag before:angel: you have to keep her! I agree with others, keep both but if you find you are not using the 25, you could always sell it and rebuy it later if you change your mind.
  10. As the others have said, if you can keep both then keep both, but if not then I would keep the speedy. I get much more use out of my casual bags then the formal or semiformal ones.
  11. you can never have too much damier!!

    although i have a 30 and not a 25, it's still a big difference to me. the duomo is way more structured than the speedy. plus the clochette is an added touch. the speedy is much more relaxed and casual, but although both can be dressed down, i use my speedy for jeans and tennis and not my duomo anymore. not to mention how much more room the speedy has over the duomo. so, although this is just my opinion, keep both! i'm not getting rid of either one and can see myself using both in various situations.
  12. my thoughts exactly!:yes:
  13. :yahoo: So true!! Just like you can never have too much LV or too much mono. :supacool:
  14. Never too much of anything LV..LOL..

    Well if you really have to get a rid of one, I think you should (I can't believe I say this) get the rid of speedy. I love the lining in duomo..
  15. I say keep both unless you're not using one of them at all. Why keep it then? KWIM? You might get something else for the $ you can get for it like a small accessory to go with one of the bags.