Too Much Brown?

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  1. Ladies

    I need your help.
    I'm in such a dilemma...

    I have the Legacy Shoulder Zip in Natural NWT from the PCE I absolutely LOVE the color so I tried to see if I could get it during the F&F in the shoulder bag. Well I couldn't find one, but I did find a brown shoulder bag in CA (I'm in VA) so I ordered it just to see how off the color is.

    Well it comes in and it's GORGEOUS. I love the color. It's NOT as gorgeous as the Natural but it's gorgeous
    nonetheless and it’s a color I think every girl should have. The only problem is. I only want to keep one. I don’t want to have 2 300 bags laying around (with the F&F the shoulder bag is only 270!) but I love the natural. But I already got a good deal on a sig khaki/ebony zip a few weeks back for only 94 bucks and I don’t want to have 2 styles of the same thing. I don’t own a shoulder bag. It seems like everyone has one and they are so beautiful and I love it.
    If only it were natural I wouldn’t have a question in my mind.
    Now to top it all off I also bought a med khaki/gold Carly during this sale soooo I have 4 different brown bags.
    I think all the browns are different. I just don’t know if I need all four. I can’t give back the khaki/ebony and at 94 bucks I don’t think I’d want to so between the shoulder bag and natural zip what do you think ladies??

    I will post pics later.

    I need help =(


    Have 4 brown bags:
    carly med in khaki/gold, legacy zip in khaki/mahagony, legacy leather natural, legacy shoulder leather brown

    need to decide to keep natural zip or shoulder brown
  2. I think you should focus on what you will use the most and not consider the price of the bag. It's very tempting to think that just because you got a great price on something that you will then use the item. If the purse sits in your closet and you haven't used it, then whatever price you paid is too much. You have some great choices. If you like them all and think you'll really use them, I'd say keep all. But if you're not really going to use one or more, then return or sell it and buy something else you'll get more enjoyment from.
  3. I am no help because I tend to buy everything in brown also. I just bought my first black bag. For me, I love to get the new styles, but I just don't switch my purses out a lot, so I usually sell one off or something, so I don't see me keeping all of them. I would just try them on in front of mirrors and mainly see which is most comfortable and most likely to be used and be good. Let's see some pics!!!
  4. All the bags you have described are different enough in color from each other. The question is, which will you use. I agree with Graberg-the price really doesn't matter if you don't use the bag. I recently went out to the outlet and found a bag (Soho XL Flap) that currently retails for $698 selling for $159! I bought it and took it home. Then I realized why it was so cheap. :hrmm: I got my $159 back and used it to purchase something else. Something I would LOVE and USE. As far as the same bag you have in natural and brown, I think the colors are different enough that you can keep both. If you only want one, keep the one you prefer, which I believe is the natural one.
  5. I think all of this is good advice. Personally I like to have things in different colors. I have a black signature bag, A blue leather bag, black leather. Next I want a khaki signature but like a satchel or something more for the hand or elbow as opposed to shoulder. That way I have something in different colors and styles.
  6. Keep the one you like and will use the most. I have purchased bags at the Outlet for a good price because when I got them home I realized that it was not what I really wanted in the first place. I then took that bag back to my Coach Boutique and purchased what I really wanted. Don't settle because you will never really be satisfied with the item because it was not what you originally wanted. That being said go to your Coach boutique or Macy's and get the shoulder bag in the Natural. That's what you really want. BTW, I saw the natural shoulder bag on someone yesterday and it looked fantastic. Macy's Herald Square in NYC has the Natural Shoulder bag. Why don't you call them and order it?
  7. I think all of us have succumbed to that, "But it's such a HUGE discount!" syndrome. I've had to return a few items in the past, because I did the same thing. I agree with graberg: no matter how much you saved on something, if it isn't what you want or what you will use often, then it isn't a savings at all.

    I think it's pretty obvious that you're in love with the natural. You said you think the brown is also gorgeous, and it's a color you think every girl should have...but you don't love it like the natural. Don't keep the brown just because you think every girl should have a bag that color. There are many gorgeous brown bags out there. There will always be many gorgeous brown bags floating around for purchase. What isn't as available is finding something you really love, and that's obviously the natural for you.

    As for having many of the same bag but in different colors..I have done that before. It's amazing how the same shape bag, can have a completely different feel in a different color. So it isn't always excessive to have multiples of the same item.

    Keep the natural, I can feel it jumping off the screen, you really love it. :yes:

    Just read Liz's post. I thought you already had the bag you wanted in the natural. The one you really want is the shoulder bag in natural? Well then I agree with her. Return whatever it is you don't love and get that natural shoulder!

  8. ITA!!!
  9. I definitely agree. It seems like you want the shoulder bag in natural -- so I would get rid of the natural zip and brown shoulder and get the natural shoulder bag.
  10. Thank you everyone for your help.
    This is the one that really hit home...
    Can I just tell you that you are my angel in disguise for today?! Even though it took for 1hr and 20mins, 4 SA's, one that couldn't speak English and one that literally had me in tears because I was so frustrated with trying to explain to her what bag I wanted---I was able to place the order for the bag and hopefully it will get to me in one piece. I couldn't find the bag at any of the Macy's that I called. Thank you so much Liz, you made my day. Once I get it in and it and granted it's in good condition I can return the brown and the natural zip and be on my merry way.
    Thanks again.

    And thanks ladies for your help =)
  11. Wonderful! I hope after all that struggle it gets to you in good shape.
  12. Pyari:

    I am so glad that I was able to help out. Please do post pictures once you receive your Legacy Natural shoulder bag. Good luck!