Too late to obtain a white 2.55 reissue handbag?

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  1. I know, I am late in the search for this, but is it still possible to obtain a white 2.55 reissue handbag in the 226 (medium) size? I would LOVE to get that in the lambskin with the ruthenium chain, but I could also go for the new caviar leather with the new silver chain as well. TIA to anyone who can provide more info! :flowers:

    I have already tried calling around Chanel, etc but ya never know if someone happens to see something or if an SA on TPF have inside info. ;) And I would like to avoid eBay if possible (though there aren't any there at the moment anyway).

    Otherwise, I might have to wait for s/s 08! :sad:
  2. this F/W, dark silver, light silver, pearl (black reissue with strands of pearls) and black metallic reissue is coming out. Soooo try calling already!
  3. If u don't mind used bag, you can try second hand shop. I saw one off white 227 reissue in a second hand shop in HK...
  4. I think I saw a couple of them in London Selfridges only a few days ago.
  5. thanks for your input ladies. actually, i called chanel today and they told me that the timeless classic double flap is like the 2.55 style but with a different chain and no "2 55" markings on there. i am getting it shipped from NYC so i will see how that one goes! :smile: oh, and the SA said it's an offwhite caviar with some grey undertones? i really have no idea of what to expect.

    i also put myself on the list for the black metallic and the light silver 2.55 reissue in the 226. i don't know which i would like better though!
  6. When did you saw this IceEarl?? I saw this one too over Paris Station a few weeks ago.. 2 weeks I think? Hehe!
  7. if anyone sees a white reissue 255, please pm me, thanks! :drinks:
  8. I saw one on eBay if you don't mind used handbags, but i think it's in jumbo size.
  9. I just got back from CWB, just saw one white reissue at France station, looks very clean and new to me, it's either a 226 or 227, didn't get close to it as it was in the glass cabinet.... and haven't spotted any pap yet...

    I am feeling so sad today as I saw a 2005 version reissue in black leather on the eBay, it's a used bag but in great condition.... the seller has decided to limit the sale to the US.... so disappointing.....:sad:
  10. I'd prefer a new one......

    where can I look? Call Chanel, NM, and?
  11. iqaganda - thanks for the ebay tip. i saw that one on ebay but it's not the 226 size. man, i wish i was in HK right now so i can visit all the milan/france/paris station stores and see who has the 226 white and buy it!!! grr!!! next time... ;)

    i received the 10"x6" timeless classic double flap bag with the new bijoux chain and MM clasp. i am not happy with the bag, partly due to the size, but also bc i am not a fan of the soft caviar leather. i think if i am going to get this bag it HAS to be the vintage lambskin leather, like the 2.55 that came out. oh well, i'll keep checking ebay or hope that chanel will come out with something like that in the future.
  12. If it's any consolation, I only saw size 227 white reissues in the 'stations', no size 226 yet..:p
  13. Hi,
    I just saw one this afternoon / reissue in white size 226 for $1995 (the only one!!!) at
    Bloomingdales in Costa Mesa CA. their phone is # 714-824 4688 ask for SA Kazue
  14. thanks so much thegraceful1! :flowers: the number you gave me was for the shoe dept, but i got the number from the guy who answered the phone and he gave me the proper number. :smile: btw, i didn't know SCP had a bloomies - they are not listed on the bloomies store locator page.

    so i called the chanel handbag dept., and i didn't think anyone would answer the phone since the store is not opened yet (actually, i was surprised someone from the above number picked up the phone too!). kazue was not in so another SA answered the phone. i asked her about the handbag, but i am not sure if it is the original 2.55 that came out in feb of 2005 - bc the inside is not red color. but she said that it's definitely lambskin (not caviar) on the outside, with no leather going through the chain, and the style number on the tag was A30226, the cost was $1995. i decided to order it over the phone since this may be what i am looking for. :rolleyes:

    i'll keep everyone posted with this and will post pictures of the handbag when i get it. i hope it's close enough looking to the 2.55!!!!!

    update: HOLY MOLY HOLY MOLY HOLY MOLY!!!! so i called the SA back and she said that on the inside, the flap has the "double Cs" but also it says "2.55 2005" in there!!! :yahoo: i am so excited!!!!!! but it's not red inside, like the grey and black ones, and she said it's new for fall, all of which confuses me. if anyone ever owned the white reissue, can you tell me what color is on the inside?
  15. You are welcome!!!,
    SCP blommies just opened last month so it is new (may not yet show at the mall directory), and I'm glad that you were able to ordered it (since it was the last one) when I was there yesterday the Chanel store tag for this handbag shown 05A 30226 ( yes I was very suprised I did not know a 05 bag was still avalable??)
    and yes has the reissue chains (no leather) and 2.55 inside the flap, just like the SA decribed to you.
    Good luck and let us know when you have received it.:yahoo: