Too hot to handle drawstring

  1. I really like that bag!! I'm not sure of it's size, since I'm checking Tpf on my iPhone. ;) It's gorgeous though. Go for it!!
  2. It's beautiful! Which color were you leaning towards? The black isn't as exciting as the others but I have to admit it just looks so classic with the ghw.
  3. Was leaning towards the black since i liked the gold hardware against it the most. the lime is pretty neat too but i don't see myself carrying that colour bag. Apparently there are various sizes in it- i live in Toronto, Canada and spoke to one of the reps at Holt Renfrew who said they carry the small size. Wonder how small that is! Must go check it out or then wait to ship it from the States!
  4. Glad to see a thread for this bag. I wanted the black/gold hardware around Christmas time (when Saks had it online), but I was broke. So I have been searching for it lately. All I could find was black/silver hardware. I looked for weeks with no luck and a few nights ago, the black/gold popped up online at Saks for one hot minute! I quickly entered all my information and I got it!

    Now I am hoping it is not a bag that was returned and is not in good shape.

    I have nothing against the silver HW, but I have way too much black/silver, and I wear gold jewelry most of the time.
  5. Hello again! My bag arrived and it is gorgeous - all that I expected it to be. I do think it was a return, but it is in perfect shape. The leather is thick and smooshy soft. So glad I found the black and gold. I love the bone color too, but I already have an MJ Paradise tote in that color, so now I am thinking.... yellow for summer :sunshine:
  6. lovely bag, but i love the yellow or the beige
  7. I really love that
  8. I bought this bag today in black. I love it so much. The shoulder strap is more comfortable than the hillier hobo I think. Not sure why because the strap looks the same. I'm 5'3 and the bag looks good on me.
  9. i just got this bag a few days ago and :loveeyes: it!!!!

    I know this thread has been almost a year old.