Too Good To Pass Up!

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  1. Quite a lovely surprise when my department store SA told me these bottles were being phased out and she could sell them to me for $14.99.... so the natural thing to do was buy all of them on the shelf....

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  2. And the best early birthday present ever--- 4 bottles for $60!!!!

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  3. WOW!! Nice job!:ghi5:Great deal! Congrats!
  4. Score!
  5. Superb good deal
    I won't pass as well lol
  6. Amazing! You are set for a while now. Great deal!
  7. I love this perfume. I paid like US$100 for a bottle last summer. Lucky you!
  8. This is called a deal, excellent deal. You are very lucky.
  9. Now that is what I call a sale!:choochoo:
  10. a bargain with Hermes? what a deal! congrats!
  11. You're all right.... A deal of a lifetime!

    I doubt that will ever happen again, but if it does, I will consider myself extremely lucky!
  12. Oh wow! What a steal, congrats!!!
  13. That is the cheapest Hermes you will ever find! What a steal! :smile:
  14. Great deal!
  15. Good deal!