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  1. I was wondering if people can help me (may require some enabling/talking out of a potential purchase)

    Obviously my-wardrobe has the fantastic opportunity with a black bayswater right now. I have lusted after a Mulberry for sometime now and I am worried if I dont strike now will I regret it. How likely is it that I will be able to get a brand new bays in a core colour at this price ever again?

    If bought now it will be a credit card purchase (however will not be dragged out over more than 2/3 months).

    So I need somebody with a sensible head to say either "do it":P or "dont even think about it!" :nogood:
  2. It's a great price. If you promise yourself to pay it off in 2 or 3 months and can afford to do that - I'd say yes. Bear in mind the credit card interest though to make sure it makes sense.
    Thats my serious head on - on the other hand if you really want this bag - it's value at this price. Don't forget quidco too!

    So yes!
  3. I don't know sorry, but hopefully someone will be along to let you know if black bays like this make it to sales or outlets and if so, the rough price xx
  4. Lol, hello Lola! Should have known I could rely on you to enable.....
  5. Yes yes yes- I have just bought one!! With quidco off as well its a real bargain - and if you change your mind send her straight back- MYW are the best at quick collection and refunds.
  6. Oh btw Lola, If you are interested there is 1 oak leopard alexa at my wardrobe right now, would match your pouch, lol.....
  7. Well, I would say that if this is the bag you're after, AND you will be able to pay it down and still earn on it compared to buy it for a regular/normal price when you have saved up the money, it might be worth it to get it now. But if the interest will be higher than the RRP, then wait.
  8. And you are calling me an enabler!!!

    I wish you hadn't told me that!
  9. In honesty (and possibly minus my sensible head) I would say go for it! I have wanted a Mulberry Roxanne for almost 4 years now but held off buying one when it first caught my eye (and only cost £595) now the price is £750 and I'm forever kicking myself that I didn't get it when I first saw it.

    It's not like it's an impulse buy if you've had your eye on it for a while. And if you were going to buy it anyway, think of it as a saving ;)
  10. OL alexa has been sold, Oh Lola was it you?!!
  11. I agree with lillemy, if the interest is higher than the RRP I would say wait, decide wether you want this bag cos its a good deal or did you want the black bays anyway, good deals do come up on the classics now & then, I bought a choc bays for £428 several weeks back. Sensible talk aside - if you love it go for it, I did & she arrived this morning, am absolutely delighted with her & will post pics at weekend!! :love:
  12. Just took some quick pics (not that I'm enabling in any way of course ;)) here she is:

    black bays 013.JPG

    black bays 015.JPG
  13. Bays at the outlets are £400 ish so if you can get a perfect one for near that I'd say go for it !
  14. now limited - where is that black purse coming from??? I would love one- hint to OH for valentines?
  15. I'd definitely go for it if you've been wanting this particular bag for a long time and are able to make the credit card payments. Classic colour Bays/Roxy's really don't go on sale so this is an excellent opportunity!