toni's ears are calcaire! see my pics!

  1. hi guys! i finally was able to take some pics of my new mint condition calcaire city that i found on ebay a few weeks back. I think some of you saw this one. the ebay pics were not so great. the bag is fantastic!! I could not be happier. it is truely mint! not a sign of use at all. I have had such great luck on ebay lately... Meeting all sorts of really fantastic sellers. anyway.. back to the bag.. I always wanted a calcaire city.. white with pink undertones. I always thougth that toni my french bulldog was calcaire... he is definitely white with pink undertones! and now i have proof!! Calcaire is truely a beautiful color.. and this bag is so soft... i had to stuff it to take pics. it is so slouchy!! just perfect! I also put in a pic of my black city... I love these bags together because i love the contrasting hardware... brass on a light bag.. and silver on a dark bag. The hardware really stands out. enjoy the pics! and if anyone out there has a calcaire, or another light bag and has some tips on prepping her for use.. i would love some advice. I have the apple spray, but have not sprayed her yet.

    enjoy! and congrats on all those fab new bags i am reading about!
    ps toni did not enjoy posing with the bag.. he was scared!

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. Oh, those pics are adorable!!! Toni is sooooo cute!!!! And so well-behaved to pose with your b-bags! :flowers:
  3. Toni and your City are a perfect match! Love them both! I have a pale rose purse and a white Twiggy and I used the Apple Guard spray protectant on them.
  4. thanks greendrv! hes sort of silly!! he probably thinks i am crazy.. actually, he knows im crazy!!
  5. thanks Kat! so i should go ahead and spray the handles real good. There was mention of some other product the other day in a thread,, shining monkey, that the LV girls were using on their handles. I am pretty careful with my bags. i am sure the apple spray will be fine. i will also use the shoulder strap as much as possible too!
  6. You know I :heart: Toni!!! Those pics are so cute!

    Your calcaire city is pretty awesome too....enjoy it!
  7. Beautificus!! I love it (and Toni is soo sweet)! Also think your black city is TDF (the two together are such a pretty contrast). Thanks for posting the pics!
  8. i think your puppy might be a bit calcaire around the nose too!!!

    thanks so much! i will enjoy! perfect for summer!
  9. thank you so much! the black one is still my fav. the one i use every day! its so broken in... but so well made... hope it lasts forever!
  10. That has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! What an adorable pup and a gorgeous bag!! :love: :heart: :P
  11. Aaaahhh!!! That's so cute. I love your dog and your new city.
  12. a million thankyous!!:heart: :heart:
  13. omigosh, your french bulldog puppy, toni & your new calcaire b-bag do match perfectly (whatta cutie-patootie!!!) :love:
  14. Your puppy is too cute!!! Lol! I love this post. Your Calcaire and black Cities are gorgeous!
  15. Awwwww Toni is just too cute! I love your pictures! :love: