Toni braxton

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Glad she had undies on. Whew! Imagine the free show everyone would have got:sick: .
  2. I like TB but come on, she generally wears too few clothes, she's around 40 I think and a mother of two, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES!!
  3. I like the dress- it wasn't her fault that it was windy...

  4. She is so trashtastic, it's hard to believe she's a grown woman with children. Remember that dress she wore to the grammy's, that white thing with the strips down the sides? Ugh.

    And those panties are GIANT!! WTF??
  5. :roflmfao: That would be something that would happen to me, only my behind wouldn't look that good! :biggrin:
  6. her ass looks pretty good for a 40 year old whose born two children. give the lady a break!
  7. I can't believe how exposed she was. I really love her and her music but geez! Her whole butt was hanging out in one of those pictures. She seems to have a lot of wardrobe issues....haha!
  8. If I had an awesome A$$ like this I would be happy to show it off!!!:lol:
  9. I'm with you!!
  11. how embarassing! I WISH I had her caboose though! LOL!
    At least she didn't pull a LiLo and go commando!
  12. Toni Braxton has been wearing no clothes for at least 5-7 years now. It's sort of funny, considering that she's only 5'1" - she's Barbie sized!
  13. hahaha
  14. what is the problem lately with a lot of celebs that they aren´t ablet to find a dress that fits and causes no drama. if i can manage that i bet they can too :blink:
    and it is not about the bod ( toni looks awesome) but it is just wrong showing your panties and your nipple(that heppend too to miss braxton at the same event) unless you are jenna jameson or want to be considered her follow up :sick:
  15. I love her.