Tomato Plants

  1. Anyone waiting impatiently for their garden tomatoes to grow?

    For the first time ever we're trying to grow them. We put in one "Better Boy" and one "Rutgers" plant. They're growning, but not fast enough for me.
  2. Uh YES!!!
    I think it's difficult for tomatoes to grow where I live because there's not very much sun. My mom grows them almost every year.
  3. YES!!! :biggrin:

    My Dad has 35 tomato plants in the ground (8 varieties), and all fruits are still green; I have two on my deck and all I have are tiny green tomatoes right now
  4. 35 tomato plants!!!! That would be heavenly for me! It's nice you have some baby green tomatoes already. Our plants are still only about two feet tall with a few yellow flowers and no fruit yet. I suspect it's b/c we're farther north than you are.

    Good luck with your plants! It's a wonderful thing to eat a just-picked warm, ripe tomato.
  5. If you planted alot you can have green tomatoes, we make "Fried Green Tomatoes" every year. So yummy!!
  6. I have a ton of green fruit right now-I have a feeling in just a bit I'll have more than I can handle. We are going to try to can this year, though.
  7. I have the flowers but no tomatoes yet!
  8. Our Romas are doing well right now - we have lots of new blooms and many babies. I did take one off and it was a bit mealy, and I don't know why. I eat about 3-4 tomatoes a day - they're my favorite - but I can't rely on my bushes to keep up with me! ;)
  9. Mine just aren't growning fast enough for me! When do you suppose I will see some baby tomatoes? It's already July 3!
  10. I just had cherry tomatoes yesterday out of my garden and cucumbers! Yummy!
  11. My tomato plants are growing like weeds- out of control! I mix in a 1/2 bag of steer manure or chicken manure every couple weeks, and water tons!
  12. Goodness! Your'e in South Dakota? I thought that would be sooooo much cooler than Maryland and I am so completely envious that you can pick fruit and veggies from your garden. I'm desperate for some sign of baby tomatoes, but nothing yet.
  13. Also, I prefer not to use miracle grow- just good ol' natural manure, sun & water.
  14. Finally!!!!! We picked our first ripe tomato and it was wonderful!!!!! It's Aug. 20, which seems quite a bit late to me, but it was worth the wait!
  15. We are absolutely over run with tomatoes :wtf: lol

    So far I've tried to use them all up, but they just keep coming!!! Made so far:

    1 1/2 gallons Italian tomato sauce
    1 1/2 gallons spicy Italian tomato sauce
    5 packages frozen diced tomatoes (for later use)
    1lb of dried cherry tomatoes (very sweet, nice for salads and pizzas)
    And a lot of BLT's, haha

    I think next I'll make and can some salsa. I thought about just canning them whole, but I very rarely use anything like that except in Italian tomato sauces...and obviously I have enough of those at the moment, lol.

    In case anyone is looking for a good tomato to plant next year, the best BLT tomato I've had so far is Mr. Stripey (or Marvel Stripe). They are soo good, I won't do anything with them other than eat them as they are. Same goes for the Cherry tomatoes, but we had so many that I just dried half so they wouldn't go to waste.