Tom and Katie : Fake or Real? Theories?

Trying to make it work for the sake of the baby maybe?

How many wives has Tom Cruise had? How many woman does he have children by? I feel kind of bad for the kids who have to go through so many woman trying to play the Mom role around them.
Katie will make the 3rd wife and the only woman he's had "babies by". He and Nicole adopted their 2 so Katie will make they're first Step-Mother.
Well, if you want a good primer on Tom Cruise, watch the South Park episode skewering Scientology that he's trying to arm-twist Comedy Central into not showing anymore.
Half the episode is spent going, "Tom, will you come out of the closet already?"

Its totally funny because Cruise went all mental on Matt Lauer last year, claiming he 'knows' the history of psychiatry.

And I guess believing in the 'religion' of a science-fiction writer who once said, "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion" is better than believing in 100 years of empiric research.
Whats great is Tom so naive he's unwittingly giving South Park great free publicity. I hadn't watched the show in years, and I wanted to see what he was making such a stink about!

You would think out of all of his years in hollywood, he'd understand that.

Either that or he really does know what he's doing, and secretly WANTS to help out South Park... Since they're owned by the same company he makes movies for.
Then I'd be the naive one.
His behavior with regard to the SP episode is pretty typical of Scientology in general. They're probably the most thin-skinned organization on the planet. They are so quick to sue anyone who criticizes them.
idk but I was at the baseball classic in Anaheim Thursday night and they were on the kiss cam!!!!!!!! and then Tom like, totally mauled Katie and I missed the shot so I have no pictures for you lovely people.
^ Ha that is really funny!!!!

I just think they are about the weirdest couple ever.

And the South Park incident is just ridiculous- keep in mind how many other movies, races, people, religions, government officials, etc etc that show has made fun of!
Ya, did you guys hear about that guy who voiced Chef decided to leave the show because of the "trapped in the closet" (Scientology) episode? He apparently didn't like how the show was making fun of religion. But come onnn that show makes fun of everything and anything! He's just offended because he happened to be a scientologist. By the way that episode is on YouTube last time I checked, go watch it if you haven't, it's great!!

Ooops I'm waaayy off-topic, sorry. Back to TC and KH, funny thing is, I used to LOVE Tom (face-only, I drool over him and is probably the only reasons I watch his movies) and I used to think Katie is soooo cute back in the days of Dawson's Creek. But now, uuhhh he's just getting creepier everyday! And this whole baby thing is sketchy. I have to see this baby when it grows up to be convinced it's actually his (wasn't that's why Nicole and Tom adopted, because Tom can't have kids? Correct me if I'm wrong please). Sketchy.
Tom was always good looking, but his opinions about medicine I could do without. Quite frankly, after working in health care for more years than I care to admit-I'd like to put him in a room with about 20 psych patients who aren't taking their meds and see how his vitamin theories work out.
Okay, I may create a stir here, but I think he picked the young innocent type this time. He is a major control freak and I think poor Katy is being controlled. I have a feeling he is really going to limit her career.