Tokidoki Watches

  1. Does anyone own a tokidoki watch? Any likes/dislikes?

    Where can I get one? Either brick-or-mortar store (SF Bay Area) or online?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I own the diamond girl watch, I love the tattoo art on the leather band & I think it is very good quality, however I think it is altogether HUGE!!! lol, I'm not really a skinny girl but I do have skinny wrists & ankles and the watch is very big on me.
  3. thanks nason3!
  4. mama22boys..did you already finish your trip here to hawaii? if you didnt come yet...they have the watches at Chic Icon at Koko Marina Center...

  5. oh my... everything is there! hahaha I soo want to go!
  6. ^You definitely should...and the guy who works there is super cool ^__^
  7. where exactly is it in hawaii kai? kinda far, but who knows when we're up for the drive :graucho:. i checked out DEMO last weekend, and they only had a small selection of t-shirts... and whoa, kinda pricey too.
  8. Yeahhh I think DEMOs is around the same price as most places eh? The koko marina center is kinda's like at the end of the freeway lmfao. Umm here's a map:,+Hawaii&daddr=koko+marina+center,+hawaii&sll=21.279797,-157.706079&sspn=0.008078,0.012295&ie=UTF8&z=11&om=1 That should help you...I think you live somewhere around there, or not...haha but you know where that is lmfao. Oh yea, the shirts at CI are like $35 or something...I think Demo & Le Lotus Bleu is a bit more expensive...but LLB has ALOT more shirts than Demo.
  9. haha... you're so on it, jess!! :tup: thanks so much for the map!

    i'll check out the watches too (gotta get back on topic here... hee hee :p).
  10. I saw the Mozzarella watch and it was huge... :sad: I wanted a tokidoki watch but everyone says they're big for little people

    Japan LA had some when I went... I hope they make smaller sleek ones... that or digital :lol:
  11. You're welcome :yes:

    OK back to the topic..I wish I had a toki watch but my mom & bf keep talking me out of it because I don't wear watches lol..but I said since it's toki I would...but still, they won't let me get it haha...hopefully they shall cave :rolleyes:
  12. jessaka I swear you know everything about toki! hahaha i think imma go to the koko marina this sunday!!! *hopefully* My mom is going to take me... I'm not good with places I'll get lost! hahaha I don't wear watches either but if it's toki i would all the time. hahaha I say convince them to let you get it!
  13. I agree with Jess! The guy/owner there is super cool! I still have to thank my cousin for letting me know about that place (not like I wouldnt find out from here :lol:)

    I dont wear watches a lot either.. I have a Paul Frank one hanging on my Coach bag.. haha and thats about it. I wish they made thinner/smaller watches.. I'm sure a lot of people would buy/wear them if they did! :idea: for Simone!! Haha
  14. ezaryah - nahh i dont know everything, but this forum sure made me learn alot...just gotta read almost everything that people say hahaha.

    seriously though, i didnt know where i was going bf guided me there hahhaaha...and we got lost once lmfao...but that was cuz we stopped in town to see my mom lol.

    Dana, A "line friend" from the toki signing @ sephora told me about the chic icon & split obsession place..but it was just so far that I couldn't even think of going hahaha...but my bf said someting about getting me shoes...and it was OVER, had to go..especially after last time we all went and I was broke haha. I"M STILL BROKE. STINKING TOKIDOKI! But yeahh the owner or w/e he's super nice....

    ..haha my bf got an adios star necklace ^__^ LMFAO.