Tokidoki qees

  1. Hi, I recently bought from eBay some of the metallic toki qees and I am wondering does anyone know how to put the metal key loop part on the qee and remove the original from the bag and put the new one on? TIA. :smile:
  2. Pop the head off.
    (Try twisting it and pulling just a little bit if you're afraid to just pop it off brutally).
  3. goodluck popping its head off..its kind of hard :sad:

  4. Physically or mentally? Coz I had no problem poppin the head off mine, I had to try even though I didn't get the metallic qees yet. :rolleyes:
  5. I have a green metallic qee. My head came off pretty easy after I spun it in a cirlce a couple times with a little bit of pressure. Just go for it you won't break it.
  6. No joke, it took DH and me about 10 minutes to figure out how to pop off the head. We even went on the Internet to find a "reference" picture on the LeSportsac website. But it was really hard to wedge the keyring on the leather strap as the leather is really tough.

    kendallslater: is your user name from All My Children??
  7. snoopa: well lucky you :biggrin: i had a hard time pulling its head off :lol: but i managed to do it on the metallic cat i got :graucho: hope your metallics come in
  8. Yes, myshop my id is from amc. I was able to get the head of easily also, Thanks everyone!
  9. haha ..i guess i got the hard headed ones :lol:
  10. :lol: you're silly... I still need to decide which qee will go on what :yes: then I'm poppin heads!
  11. yeah thats me!! :lol: ....well i only popped out the magenta kitty for bf...and now he doesnt want it ! lol ....i guess im going to use it on my keys :lol:
  12. Do the matallic qees come with a matching round plastic thngy for their neck?
    (Purple for the purple cat, blue for the blue bear etc?)
    Or are they white too?
  13. they are white :sad: would have been better if it matched the color :graucho:
  14. I use
    Green Dog on Camo Olive and Original Black
    Blue Bear on Pirata and Paradiso
    Silver Bear on Inferno
    Magenta Cat on L'Amore and Original Print
    I wish they made them in more colors! :girlsigh:
  15. cool it matches the bags :graucho: