Tokidoki Milano Store opening!

  1. For those in Milan or visiting Italy next week!
    Sorry I dont know how to resize!

  2. omg!! i wish i could go there!! >___<;; i haven't even seen a real tokidoki here in Richmond, VA...
  3. One of my Profs is going to Italy next week! O_O; LOL
  4. tell your professor you want a souvenir from this place! :tup:
  5. Tell your professor I'd be happy to be luggage!

    Now I want to go to Milan. If only to sniff the pure air of Tokidoki, and get my hands on some gelato.
  6. Lol!! He just might! He's a friendly dude!

    I loved Milan! :smile: It was fun. lol.
  7. That's so kewl! Look at the Adios rugs in the picture! I want one of those for my living room lol!!!!

    Thanks for the info, so cute!!!
  8. what an awesome store! ack!
  9. omg. I NEED TO GO TO MILAN NOWWWW. for my tokidoki fix. and gelato. mMmmmm...
  10. O:huh:O:huh:O!! :nuts: The cuteness!! I want to see it full of toki stuff!!:yahoo:
  11. i wanna go and live in that storee :woohoo:
  12. wow..i wish they had one in the states!
  13. We definitely need one in the states :nuts:
  14. Hi, I'd like to rent out a space in the corner please, preferably a wall with a huge L'Amore print. I think that should be sufficient for the rest of my life. :yes:
  15. I'm going to be there on the 22nd of this month!!! I knew about this since the beginning of August because I emailed Tokidoki/Simone about where to shop for Tokidoki in Milan, and he answered and told me about the store opening. I'll have a full report on it (hopefully with pictures) after I return home from my vacation.